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First of all, welcome to our blog. We actually share guidelines on outdoors and adventures. And most importantly, we’ve started accepting guest posts. If you’re interested in kayaking, you can write for us as a guest author. However, if you haven’t gone through our adventure blog, we recommend you to have a look first.

Our blog motivates you to communicate your thoughts and provide your article as our experts will check out for originality. However, we don’t look for short articles or unsatisfactory content given that our team makes every effort to provide the greatest and also very most comprehensive blog posts.

Guest Posting Opportunities

We’re looking forward to articles that ensure quality information. And now we’re accepting guest posts on kayaking-related topics only. For example, you can add camping, hunting, snorkeling, fishing, and etc. with kayaking. However, we’re no accepting copied articles or plagiarized content.

We desire to ensure that our viewers have access to the best in-depth information to assure that they will be actually back for more. If you possess expertise with all these over or even can easily provide practical as well as rich web content, at that point this is actually the correct area for you and we are actually seeking you to write for us.

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If you wish to write for us, follow the guidelines;

  • We accept articles above 1200 word.
  • It must be 100% unique.
  • You can add 1 link (do-follow) in the body section.
  • Your article must be on kayaking.
  • Mention the title ideas of your article.
  • We recommend you to contatc us by the following form.
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Do I Get Paid For My Articles

Unfortunately, we haven’t started paying our guest authors yet.

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