Fishing And Kayaking Adventures On Lake Travis, Texas

Lake Travis is known for its excellent kayak fishing destinations. And kayaking on the beautiful Lake Travis allows you to fish for various fish, including largemouth and smallmouth bass. With plenty of kayaks to choose from, each with its unique feature set, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your fishing needs!

Whether targeting big fish or taking advantage of the numerous feeders, Lake Travis never makes you upset! In short, kayaking on Travis is the perfect way to spend a day in the country.

From trolling to casting, there is something for everyone. While kayak fishing is not as prolific as boat or motorized fishing, the sport is growing in popularity, and the regulations ensure that it remains safe and enjoyable for all.

Top Kayaking And Fishing Destinations In Lake Travis

Fishing and kayaking destinations on Lake Travis offer anglers a variety of locations to explore for Trophy Trout, Grayling, Smallmouth Bass, and perch. Each kayak fishing destination offers different scenery and habitats for an exciting fishing experience.

Some kayak fishing destinations feature coves with rocky outcroppings, while others feature expansive open water with plenty of aquatic life. However, most of the kayaking and fishing destinations on Lake Travis are great places to spend a day on the water.

Here are some of the most popular destinations;

Starnes Island

Kayaking around Starnes Island is a great way to catch some big fish. The clear, calm water and gentle current make for easy casting, and the island’s many coves offer plenty of places to explore. Fishing kayaks also give you a unique perspective on the fish – you’re right up close and personal with your prey.

Whether you’re targeting largemouth or smallmouth bass, a trip to Starnes Island will produce great catches.

We were fortunate to have a lovely afternoon sailing with our group on the beautiful Lake Travis. The weather was perfect with light, shifty winds. We were accompanied by power boats everywhere. After our long sail, we took a break in the middle of the day for some swimming in Arkansas Bend cove. Five boats decided to stay overnight in the cove. The temperatures were in the mid-70s with a light breeze.

We went kayaking in the morning and returned to the marina at sunset, where we enjoyed delicious food and great conversation with fellow kayakers. On the way back, we stopped at the famous Gnarly Gar, a ghost town that is a short walk away from Lakeway. We also looked at a few of the local wildlife and waterfalls.

As we paddled on the lake, we saw a variety of beautiful birds and ghosts. The weather was perfect, and the lake level was 628.3′, so we were able to see plenty of wildlife and a lot of beautiful shorelines.

We were joined by fourteen other kayakers and one boat owner. This is an ideal place for kayaking and fishing because of the lake level and the fact that only seven boats can access the water. Guests can paddle without the need to hire a boat. It’s important to watch for power lines crossing the lake. And, if you’re new to kayaking, try it out for yourself on Lake Travis.

Inks Lake State Park

Inks Lake State Park offers both kayaking and fishing adventures for the entire family. This flatwater park has 9 miles of hiking trails, geocaching locations, and even a bird blind. You can rent a kayak or canoe to try out the sport. Besides, you can even rent a paddleboat if you want. The park charges a day use fee of $6.

The lake itself is a great place for families to go kayaking and fishing. The lake is only one hour from Austin, Texas, and is very lively during the summer months. The cool waters of Inks Lake are perfect for cooling off when the weather is in the nineties. The park is open year-round and has several hiking trails that wind through granite outcroppings on the banks of the lake.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and beautiful location to kayak or canoe, Inks Lake State Park is the perfect destination. The lake’s calm waters are perfect for novice kayakers and experts alike. There are several spots for fishing, including Devil’s Waterhole, which is a popular rite of passage for local Boy Scout troops. Camping is another fun activity in Inks Lake State Park, with nearby Burnet offering a variety of activities and amenities.

Lady Bird Lake, Texas

One of the best kayaking destinations near Lake Travis is Lady Bird Lake. This lake offers countless opportunities for kayaking, from flat water to whitewater rapids. The area offers beautiful natural sights and fascinating wildlife. While kayaking in Austin, you can enjoy the relaxing calm of the lake or take on a challenge. If you’re in the area, consider renting a kayak.

There are several outfitters you can trust, including Waller Creek Boathouse, Epic SUP, The Expedition School, Rowing Dock, and Zilker Park Boat Rentals. You can also watch bats take flight from Congress Avenue Bridge.

Colorado River Run

Another great destination for kayaking is the Colorado River. The Colorado River runs a few miles south of Lake Austin and is often crowded with boats. While kayaking on Lake Travis, you’ll likely encounter fewer people and more tranquil waters. Many finger lakes of the Colorado River are privately owned, which means that you won’t have to worry about boat traffic. It’s possible to find a spot that’s less crowded.

Other Popular Kayak Fishing Destinations Around Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a popular kayaking and fishing destination in Austin, Texas. Some of the best lakes to kayak on near Austin include Lady Bird Lake, Olancha Lake, and Shoal Creek. These lakes have a variety of fish species that can be caught, including largemouth bass, white bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish, and trout.

Kayakers can find plenty of fishing opportunities all around these lakes, but some spots are better than others. For example, Olancha Lake is known for its big bass, while Lady Bird Lake is well known for its lush vegetation and good numbers of crappies.

Brushy Creek Lake

In the suburbs of Austin, Texas, you will find Brushy Creek Lake perfect for kayaking and fishing adventures. 

Brushy Creek Lake Park is 90 acres of natural beauty that is a great place to learn how to paddle a kayak. The lake offers great fishing, a hiking trail, and an exercise station. Visitors can bring their own kayaks or rent them from the Lakeway marina.

South Llano River State Park

If you’re in the mood for a day of adventure, try kayaking and fishing in South Llano River State Park. This park is located near Junction, Texas, and features a scenic stretch of the South Llano River, which is home to some great bass fishing. Float your kayak down the scenic river and enjoy stargazing or hiking along the trails. Visitors to the park also find it an ideal destination for RV adventures.

The South Llano River is relatively easy to navigate at normal river levels. Small rapids are not dangerous, but they can be difficult to navigate in low water. Be sure to portage carefully at low water levels, especially if you plan to cross a bridge. You can also find an illegal bridge/dam at 4.5 miles below the First Crossing. In case of high water, you may have to portage through Junction City Park.

San Marcos River

Another popular kayaking destination near Lake Travis is the San Marcos River. This spring-fed river is a short drive from Austin. While the water temperature averages 72 degrees, the San Marcos River is warm enough to paddle comfortably.

Top Kayak Rentals At Lake Travis

One of the best ways to enjoy all that Lake Travis has to offer is by renting a kayak from one of the top kayak rental companies. With options for both beginner and experienced paddlers, these companies provide a variety of kayaks, accessories, and instructions for a perfect day on the water. From leisurely cruises to more challenging expeditions, these businesses can accommodate anyone’s needs.

Here are some of the top kayak rentals on Lake Travis;

Austin Pedal Kayak

If you’re looking for a fun day out on Lake Travis, you’ve come to the right place. Austin Pedal Kayak is your one-stop shop for recreational rentals. Located on Graveyard Point in Lakeway, it offers paddling opportunities in the “no wake” zone of the Hurst Creek Arm. Rent a single or double kayak and explore the lake’s pristine water.

In addition to renting a kayak, you can also rent a paddleboard, stand-up paddleboard, or fishing boat. There are plenty of options at Austin Pedal Kayak. The company also offers stand-up paddleboarding fishing and tours.

Moreover, there are plenty of kayaks available for rent at the lake, which is a Texan paradise. At Austin Pedal Kayak, you can choose from several different models, and you’ll have a great time in the water.

Liquid Thrillz Boat Rentals

Liquid Thrillz boat rental in Lake Travis offers a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of boating without having to worry about the weather. In short, the company’s fleet of twelve boats is all custom-made and features state-of-the-art safety features, making them the perfect choice for thrill seekers who want to stay safe and have a lot of fun.

Keep Austin Wet

At Keep Austin Wet boat rental, we have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to taking a leisurely boat ride on Lake Travis. From pontoon boats and canoes to kayaks and paddleboats, we’ve got the perfect vessel for you and your friends. Our rental fleet is stocked with drinks and snacks, so you can enjoy the scenic ride while staying hydrated.

Paradise Cove Marina

Paradise Cove Marina offers a wide variety of options for customers to enjoy their time in the area. From boat rentals and fishing charters to shore fishing and beach amenities, there is something for everyone at this marina.

In conclusion, kayaking and fishing on Lake Travis is a great way to spend a day out with friends or family. The scenery is beautiful, the fish are plentiful, and the fishing is easy and fun. If you’re looking for a fun day out in the outdoors, kayak fishing on Lake Travis should be at the top of your list.