Top 5 Kayak Fishing Crate Reviews And Buying Guide

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A kayak fishing crate can increase your storage capacity and minimize the risk of losing gear. They also make your gear easy to access while on the water. And because they can fit in a tank well, they’ll be convenient to use while fishing. 

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing one. Before you start shopping, consider the size of your kayak and its storage capacity. A small crate can fit your fishing tackle and fishing gear, while a larger crate can be bulky and impede your access to gear.

The next consideration is how you’ll store your gear. Some kayak fishing crates have lids, but they make accessing the rods and gear hard to reach. 

If you don’t need lids, opt for a soft crate. It’s a great option for kayak fishing, and it will hold the majority of your gear. You can also purchase optional accessories like rod holders.

How To Choose A Kayak Crate For Fishing

If you are looking for a kayak fishing crate for your boat, you have probably wondered what features it needs. You should know that most kayak fishing crates are not waterproof. So you need to go through the details and determine which one is perfect for you. 

Big waves could easily damage it, so you should consider buying another model that has water-tight storage. Another consideration when buying a kayak fishing crate is rod holders. 

These are an essential part of any kayak, but they have to be attached without damaging the kayak. You can also purchase mounts for your rod holders, which can lock in place and rotate.

Size And Capacity

Choosing the size and capacity of your fishing crate is another important factor. Make sure that it fits into the space where you plan to install your kayak and that it is well organized. If you want to keep small items secure, look for a model with multiple compartments, which will help you find them easily.

Another advantage of a crate is that it can store your fishing line and lures. The crate can also hold other essential fishing tools and supplies.

Open Or Closed Lid

Another consideration is whether your kayak crate has an open or closed lid. The latter will allow you to customize the storage space of your kayak fishing gear. Open crates are best for new kayak anglers, as they can accommodate more tackle than a closed one.

A well-designed kayak fishing crate will also be easy to handle. If you want to keep your kayak packed, the crate will stay out of the way and provide easy access to your tackle.

Where It Will Be Installed

Once you have chosen the size and style of your kayak, it’s time to decide where it will be installed. The most common place is behind the seat, where you’ll easily access it while sitting in the kayak. 

There are many different mounting options for kayak fishing crates, including bolts, D-rings, tie-down straps, carabiner clips, and bungee cords.

Integrated Rod Holders

Integrated rod holders are a useful feature in choosing a fishing crate for your kayak. These rod holders offer additional storage for fishing tackle and allow you to use more than one rod at a time. This is especially useful if you have an inflatable kayak.

However, you don’t necessarily need rod holders on your kayak. But it is always better to have them than not. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you’ll use them.

Weight And Portability

There are many different types of kayak fishing crates to choose from. For the most part, they’re lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to put in your kayak. 

Many kayak anglers use a soft insulated tackle bag that fits inside a standard milk crate. They can place it inside or outside of the primary compartment and store all of their gear inside. Soft insulated tackle bags are also great for storage and are often used for shore fishing.

Keeps Your Gear Dry Or Not

A good kayak fishing crate will ensure that your gear remains dry. However, you should also consider whether it is water-tight or not. Some models feature a closed lid, which is a better option for protecting your gear.

If you do decide to purchase a closed-lid kayak fishing crate, you should also consider whether it has any attachment points to prevent it from falling overboard.

The 6 Best Kayak Fishing Crate Reviews

If you are planning to buy a new Kayak Fishing Crate for your fishing expedition, you should first do your research. You can find reviews online, from your friends, or in forums. In addition, you can also read testimonials from people who have used the product.

By thoroughly researching a product, you can make sure that it meets your needs and is reliable. In addition, you will be sure that you will have the best value for your money.

Wilderness Systems Kayak Crate

One of the best kayak storage options is a crate from Wilderness Systems. These kayaks are known for their quality and innovative design. Wilderness Systems specializes in sitting-on-top kayaks. Their Tarpon 100 sit-on-top kayak offers exceptional comfort and performance for recreational paddling.

The seat is easy to adjust and features Phase3 AirPro seating. It is lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying, making it a comfortable choice for long or short trips.

The Karate from Wilderness Systems is a 29-liter container with two compartments. The main compartment contains large storage for tackle trays and ice. A secondary lid compartment holds smaller items. The Karate has four-rod holders and is equipped with adjustable brackets for rod holders.

The kayak fishing crate is water-resistant, which helps keep it protected from rain and sun damage. It also has room for angling gear and a GPS.

Another great feature of the crate is its secure lid. The lid has a secure latch to keep your gear from leaking. In case of accidental spillage, the crate can be used as a dry storage solution. The crate is designed for kayaks with tank wells 13″ or smaller.

It is compatible with most kayaks and comes with a number of accessories. The fishing crate comes with two-rod holders, a small accessory pouch, and a nylon anchor cleat and leash compatible with rods.

If you’re looking for a storage unit for your kayak, Wilderness Systems kayak crates would be a good solution.

Plano Kayak V-Crate

If you’re looking to purchase a kayak storage system, you may want to consider the Plano PLAM80700 Kayak V’Crate. This crate has two separate compartments and a hinged, semi-watertight center module. The V-Crate is easy to remove for fishing and has a wide access door for changing lures.

Its side rail system makes access to the storage compartment easy. It’s designed for most kayak models and is available with a wide range of accessories.

A Plano PLAM80700 Kayak V-crate is a great way to secure your equipment while kayak fishing. Its waterproof base makes it a good place to store valuable items like fishing rods. Its top and bottom are detachable, so you can easily access your belongings without having to unscrew the entire crate.

Whether you’re going out for a day on the lake or you want to pack your kayak for a trip, the V-crate makes stowing your gear easy.

The Plano PLAM80700 Kayak VCR is a durable, easy-to-assemble kayak storage system. It comes with universal lash down points and features a large main compartment with a lid compartment. A separate lid compartment is designed for smaller items. The V-Crate has enough room for many small items and can also hold the kayak itself. The crate weighs just over one pound, so if you’re on a tight budget, a lightweight option is recommended.

The Plano PLAM80700 Kayak V Crate is a versatile storage solution for anglers who like to fish with live bait. They can easily store their live bait in it, and other items, such as reels, before filleting them. In addition to its spacious design, it also prevents challenging reaches for anglers by wrapping around the kayak. The durable plastic construction makes it a long-lasting choice for storing your gear.

Pelican EXOCRATE Fishing Bag

The EXOCRATE fishing bag is made to fit standard milk crates measuring 13 inches by 13 inches. It features two-rod holders with drainage holes and a lined storage compartment with heavy-duty zippers. Its lining features multiple compartments for gereedschap and tools.

The Pelican-Exocrate is made from recycled materials and is a sturdy, lightweight fishing bag. It also has a zipper closure for easier access and is very durable. It comes with a carry handle for convenient transport.

You can also keep it on your boat with the included shoulder straps.

Perception Splash Kayak Crate

If you’re looking for a quality kayak crate to transport your gear from one place to another, you’ve come to the right place. The following reviews are written by kayak enthusiasts just like you. Read on to discover which options are best for your needs.

These reviews are updated frequently so you can read the most up-to-date information. Also, don’t miss our product overview page, which offers detailed information about the pros and cons of each product.

The Perception Splash Kayak Crate is a versatile storage box designed to keep all of your kayak gear organized. Its sturdy exterior is designed for durability, and its lid is removable and secure with a latch. It is easy to open and close with one hand.

The storage box is customizable and offers a wide range of accessories for maximizing your comfort while on the water. There is a large amount of space inside for other items, including a fishing rod holder, fishing line, and other gear.

Aside from the storage capacity, the Perception Splash Kayak Crate is also designed for dry storage. You can easily attach the included rod holders, which makes it a perfect choice for kayaking. And, because it’s easily adjustable, you can customize it by adding or removing accessories.

This way, you can keep your kayak dry while protecting your valuable gear. If you’re a serious angler, you’ll be pleased with the convenience and flexibility of this kayak crate.

Plano Weekend Kayak Soft Crate

The Plano Weekend Series Kayak Crate Soft Ba is one of the best kayak accessories on the market. It has a large interior and a breathable lid. Its design allows for easy set-up and removal, so you can adjust the storage space to meet your needs.

It also includes a practical screwdriver and is water-resistant. The Weekend Series Kayak Crate Soft Ba will keep your kayak dry and free of condensation while on the water.

This Weekend series kayak crate is lightweight and features air mesh Gurts and a strong padded rucksack. It is designed to fit perfectly in a milkkiste and optimize the Kayak-Angel experience.

The padded rucksack and large main compartment have enough room for all your gear and keep it dry. A padded shoulder strap makes it easy to carry.

Besides, the Plano Weekender Series Kayak Crate Soft Bags complement traditional kayak storage options. These versatile storage cases feature modular construction that fits inside milk crates or stands alone for optimum convenience.

The main compartment offers enough room for a variety of gear and kayak accessories, and its breathable fabric keeps everything dry and protected. A waterproof zipper and latches ensure that your gear remains dry and protected during transport and storage.

YakAttack BlackPak

The Yak Attack BlackPak is the perfect kayak fishing crate for anyone looking to get more out of their fishing trips. This kayak fishing crate includes a variety of features that make it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced fishermen alike. 

It is made of durable, UV and saltwater-resistant plastic, and this bag is perfect for storing your tackle. It also has two-rod holders and a removable shoulder strap. Its top rail features tie-downs that correspond to factory bungees in most kayaks. It is also designed to fit inside most tank wells.

First and foremost, the Yak Attack BlackPak Kayak Fishing Crate comes with an easy-to-use drag system that makes it simple to transport your kayak from place to place. Additionally, the crate has a secure fit that ensures your kayak remains safe and secure while you’re out on the water. 

The Yak Attack BlackPak Kayak Fishing Crate is also designed with convenience in mind, featuring a built-in cooler that can store food and drinks for you while you’re out fishing.

This crate has a tight fit that prevents any movement during transport and storage, making it perfect for when you want to keep your kayak in great condition. It also has a convenient carrying handle, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Different Types Of Fishing Crates For Kayak

There are several different types of kayak fishing crates. Many of them are mounted behind the kayak seat, so it’s easy to reach while sitting inside your kayak. 

Some of them have different mounting options, such as bolts, D-rings, tie-down straps, and bungee cords. Others are mounted using carabiner clips. You’ll need to decide on which mounting system will work best for your kayak.

Some crates include integrated rod holders, which will give you more storage space and make it possible to carry more than one fishing rod at a time. This is especially useful if your kayak doesn’t have rod holders already installed. 

Some crates don’t include rod holders as standard, so you’ll need to purchase them separately or build your own. If you have a hard-sided kayak, you may not need rod holders. However, having rod holders is always a good idea.

Depending on what type of fishing you’re doing, you need to choose the most suitable kayak fishing crate for you. 

Hard-Sided Kayak Crates

If you’re planning on fishing in rough waters, you’ll need a hard-sided kayak fishing crate to protect your gear from the elements. These crates come in two different types, hard and soft-sided. 

Hard-sided crates are made of waterproof material and feature sealed seams. They are lightweight, so they’re easier to pack, but they won’t protect your gear as well as hard-sided crates.

When buying a hard-sided kayak fishing crate, you should consider the size of your rear tank. Larger crates tend to be more durable, but they’re not as lightweight. 

The best size for your kayak is the one that has ample storage for your gear. You can even purchase an oversized tackle bag that’s compatible with your kayak. You can even use it as a tackle box on land.

If you don’t want to spend much money on a hard-sided crate, try the Plano Weekend Series. This has a generous interior with center dividers for storing fishing tools and tackle. And this kayak fishing crate is also waterproof and has a sturdy zipper and latches to secure your gear. 

It fits into the storage area of a kayak and isn’t in the way. When you’re fishing, this kayak fishing crate can hold all of your gear and is very easy to transport.

Soft-Sided Kayak Crate

A soft-sided kayak crate is made of pliable material and is less expensive. It is more durable but also lighter. A soft-sided crate may be easier to pack, but it offers less protection for your fishing gear. 

However, it’s not recommended for kayak fishing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, it’s vital to choose the right one for your needs.

Soft crates are great for storing your tackle, but they can be cumbersome. Wilderness Systems’ kayak crate has a single latch for its lid-mounted storage bin. While a single latch is convenient, some anglers have complained about latches, and you can easily unlatch it and dump all your tackle into your kayak. 

If you want a softer crate system, Flambeau Outdoors’ Tuff Crate is a great take on the standard.

Kayak Crate Upgrade And Customization For Fishing

If you’re new to kayak fishing, you’ll want to invest some time into figuring out how to customize your kayak and its accessories to make your fishing experience more enjoyable. 

There are also several upgrades you can buy for your kayak that will help you become a better kayak fisher. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to fishing in your kayak. Customizing your kayak is easy and fun.

If you want the best of both worlds, a kayak fishing crate can be customized to hold a variety of accessories. Some are designed to fit a variety of kayaks, while others are meant for larger boats. Some crates can even mount on the kayak. 

Whatever you need, there’s an option to fit it. Whether you’re looking for a traditional crate or something a little more specialized, a kayak fishing crate is an ideal choice.

A dedicated kayak fishing crate will not only hold your fishing gear and prevent water damage, but it will also protect your tackle from UV rays and dropped hooks. 

Mount The Kayak Crate To Your Kayak

Another way to customize a DIY kayak fishing crate is to make holes in the bottom of the milk crate. These holes are typically located in the bow of the kayak. 

Once you have determined the number of holes required, you can cut them. You can then mount the milk crate to your kayak and begin fishing! 

If you’ve already done this, you’re nearly done! If you’re not a DIY kayak fishing crates expert, consider purchasing a DIY kit.

Once you’ve built your DIY kayak fishing crate, attach it to your kayak’s deck. It’s important to tie down the kayak crate to the kayak to prevent it from floating away. 

Different attachment systems are available, and you should choose one with multiple tie-down points. So, you can put your tackle inside the kayak and fish from the kayak. It’s a great way to carry fishing gear.

DIY Kayak Fishing Crates

If you want a comfortable way to carry your fishing poles, consider building your own DIY kayak fishing crate. You can make these crates from PVC pipe, which you can buy at any hardware store or cut yourself. 

First, you need to cut a hole in the bottom of each PVC rod holder. Next, cut a slot in one end. This slot should face down when installed.

For the fasteners, use PVC conduit clamps. They are lightweight, strong, and affordable. 

You can also attach light poles with them. You can even mount various accessories with the help of PVC conduit clamps. 

Don’t forget to save the scrap from the crate, as it can be used as spacers. You can also use ribbed sections as reinforcement. 

If you’re not a fisherman, you can also use scraps from the crate.

You can even build a kayak crate with a secure lid that can fit inside your kayak’s tank well. Keep in mind that not all kayaks are designed for fishing gear storage. To make your kayak fishing crate fit perfectly, check out a few options and select the one that fits your boat best.

Finally, it is important to find the best kayak fishing crate for your needs. By doing your research, you will be able to find the perfect one for you and your fishing trips. Be sure to consider what you need in a crate, such as storage capacity, type of closure, and price. With these factors in mind, finding the right kayak fishing crate is easy!