Top Kayak Phone Mount Reviews And Alternative Guidelines

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If you have a kayak, you might want to buy a phone mount to hold your phone while you are out on the water. Some kayak phone mounts are great because they have straps that go around the kayak and keep your phone secure. Another type of phone mount is a holder that sits on the back of the kayak. This type of mount is good if you want to keep your phone close by but don’t want it in the way.

Whether you’re a frequent kayaker or just want to keep your phone safe in a kayak, the top phone mount for kayaks can come in handy. These mounts are available from several popular brands, including Beam Electronics, Arkon, RAM, and MagicMount. To learn more, check out our top 5 kayak phone mount reviews. You’ll find that each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Read the following kayak phone mount Reviews to learn about some of the best options to use and secure your phone while kayaking.

Top 5 Kayak Phone Mount Reviews

Kayak phone mounts are an excellent way to keep your phone secure, even when you’re paddling in rough water!

A kayak phone mount will securely hold your phone and keep it safe during your trip. These accessories can be clamped to your kayak’s deck and will hold a variety of different items. If you’re planning on carrying electronic devices or expensive optical gear, you should invest in a waterproof case.

Besides, if you plan to bring your camera on your kayak trip, you’ll need a waterproof camera mount. It’s important to get a mount that is compatible with your GoPro camera. Some mounts won’t work with other action cameras or standard cameras.

But kayaking is the perfect opportunity for you to take great pictures and capture the adventure on film. A kayak-mounting camera will not only protect your camera but also allow you to take great pictures of the scenery.

Cellet Phone Mount For Kayaks

The Cellet PH650 Kayak phone mount is one of the most versatile car mounting solutions. Its 360-degree pivot ball allows it to adjust for landscape and portrait viewing. Its rubber clasp prevents it from scratching the air vents. The telescoping arm also allows for easy adjustment to fit vertical or horizontal air vents. While the mount’s rubber clasp is a downside, it does not affect the visibility of the backup camera.

This heavy metal mount rotates 360 degrees. The phone is held securely in place by a strong magnet. The holder also features a powerful adhesive that secures it to your dashboard. The manufacturer warns that the adhesive could melt in temperatures over 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but we found it to be very durable. In our tests, the phone stayed securely in place despite the bumpy road.

One downside to the Cellet PH650 Kayak Phone-Mount is the fact that it is too tall for many car cup holders. Although it does have an extendable arm, it is too long for front-seat cup holders. It fits best in the back cup holder, forcing the driver to look to the right of the dashboard. This means that the driver will have to turn to his/her right to see his/her phone.

iOttie HLCRIO142 Phone Mount

The iOttie HL-CRIO142 kayak phone mount offers suction and adhesive mounts for holding smartphones and other mobile devices. The mount has an adjustable bottom tab so that you can keep the phone securely, and the telescoping arm can extend up to 8 inches. This mount comes with a lifetime warranty, so it should stand up to a variety of conditions.

This mount fits both vertical and horizontal air vents. The rubber-clasped clasp ensures the phone will not scratch the vents. This mount also features a 360-degree pivot ball, so it fits vertical and horizontal air vents.

A pivoting arm helps the phone to rotate 360 degrees. It also has an extendable arm for easy installation. This mount has a powerful adhesive to hold the phone securely. However, it is too tall for most cup holders, and you have to look to your right to see it.

However, it is not perfect for kayaks that have front-facing cup holders. As such, the iOttie HLCRIO142 kayak phone mount won’t be the best option for kayaks with a heated dashboard.

ARKON Heavy Duty Drill Base Mount

The ARKON Heavy Duty Drill Base Mount RM6AMPS2T is a high-quality, durable drill base mount designed for use with impact drills.

It features heavy-duty construction that is designed to support a wide range of drilling applications, and its adjustable mount allows you to easily adjust the position of your drill base.

The ARKON Heavy Duty Drill Base Mount RM6AMPS2T is an ideal option for users who need a durable and reliable drill base mount.

If you’re considering purchasing an Arkon Heavy Duty Drill Base Mount RM6AmpS2T for your kayak phone, you might want to look for something that is made from professional-grade materials that can withstand daily use. It won’t fall off and is built to last for years. 

This mount comes with a 2-year warranty. In addition to being durable, the Arkon mount is also easy to install.

iTap Magnetic 2

The iTap Magnetic 2 phone mount is a convenient, sleek, and lightweight kayak accessory. The two rare-earth magnets in this phone holder give your phone a secure, snugly holds no matter what combination of phones you have. You don’t need to deal with fumbling with clasps and mechanisms, and the mounting system’s twist-lock system makes installation simple. The included protective film prevents scratches from damaging your phone.

This mount is made of new plastic and metal. It’s designed to hold most cell phones without cracking or breaking. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your kayak, a tough mount will provide you with years of secure viewing. You may want to spend a little more money on a durable mount, but it’ll be worth it if you’re looking for a grippy grip and a secure connection.

This waterproof phone holder keeps your smartphone safely attached to your boat dashboard or windshield while you’re on the water. Unlike traditional mounts, this mount will stay securely attached to your phone, preventing it from falling into the water and being lost.

The second-generation vent clip secures your phone while on your windshield or dashboard. It works on most Smartphone displays and fits in the glove box on most boats. The best boat phone holder also comes with a suction cup for extra hold.

iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Phone Mount For Kayak

The iOttie Easy One-Touch-5 Mount Phone Holder is a universal car phone mount that is easy to install. Its powerful grip provides a firm hold and is adjustable for any vehicle. Besides, its unique design fits most devices, even those with cases. And its magnetic cord organizer helps keep your device safe and protected. You can operate the iOttie mounts with one hand.

The iOttie Easy One-Touch-5 mount phone holder features an extra-large easy-to-use trigger button that allows you to quickly and easily install the holder. It locks firmly into place and extends from five to eight inches. The One-Touch 5 mount phone holder includes a magnetic tab that stores the charging cords.

Learn To Attach Your Phone To A Kayak

One way to attach your phone to a kayak is to use a holder that clamps onto the rail of the kayak. Another option is to use a mount that attaches to the back of the kayak.

A phone mount for kayaks is a device that is used to hold a phone so that it can be used while kayaking. It is similar to a car mount, but it is specifically designed for use with kayaks. Some of the features that make a good phone mount for kayaks include being adjustable, having a secure fit, and being able to hold multiple devices at once.

How To Keep Your Phone Safe While Kayaking?

There are many options to keep your phone secure and dry while kayaking. One of the simplest ways is to purchase a phone mount for your kayak. This way, your phone will be separate from the rest of your kayak gear. Another option is to use a dry bag. While this isn’t always possible, it is a viable option.

However, the best way to keep your phone dry while kayaking is to buy a phone mount and a waterproof case.

Use Dry Bags Until Buying A Kayak Phone Mount

One of the most common methods of protecting your cell phone while kayaking is to use a dry bag or a waterproof bag. Dry bags are waterproof as long as it is fitted to the profile of the deck.

These bags allow you to access stored gear faster. Deck bags also come in different styles, with compartments for electronic items. These are attached with straps and buckles and are secured around the deck lines.

When kayaking, you should always take these precautions to ensure your phone remains safe and dry.

Cell Phone Using Guidelines During Kayaking

You might think that using your cell phone while kayaking is an unnecessary luxury. However, there are some simple guidelines you need to follow to ensure your safety. If you plan on using your cellphone while kayaking, read this article first. You’ll have a much easier time keeping your phone safe while kayaking. Just remember to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. You’ll be thankful you did in the end.

Careful About The Speed Limit

Before you set out, it’s important to study the area you’re going to be paddling. Also, make sure you are aware of speed limits and ‘No Wake’ zones. In most states, a safety officer can issue a citation for negligent operation, which is defined as causing unnecessary danger.

In Virginia and Ohio, however, this rule does not apply to kayakers. Always be aware of your surroundings, and obey these guidelines.

Identify The Bounds

If you plan to paddle in a river, always remember that you’re in a boat and may capsize. It’s important to paddle carefully and expect to capsize and carry a tow system and rescue kit. Using your cell phone while kayaking should be limited to areas where boat traffic is minimal.

In the case of a capsize, you’ll be much less likely to capsize if the bow of your kayak hits a wave. Also, stay close to shore and watch for boats.

Lastly, a kayak phone mount is a device that helps to keep a person’s phone safe while they are kayaking. This is done by attaching the phone to the mount and then holding onto the mount while paddling. There are a variety of different kayak phone mounts on the market, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.