Boat Rentals At Lake Berryessa With Guidelines & Destinations

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Boating on Lake Berryessa is like being on a big, peaceful pond. You can paddle around and explore all the nooks and crannies. And if you get tired, you can sit back and relax while the kayak cruises along at a comfortable pace. Besides, there are several boat rentals at Lake Berryessa that offers different types of boats including kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, jet skis, and others.

The Lake is one of the largest bodies of fresh water in California, Lake Berryessa is the ideal place to enjoy a range of water sports. With its two-mile-long shoreline and average water temperature of 75 degrees in the summer, the lake is a popular destination for swimmers and boaters. 

And if you’re going on a family vacation to Napa County, you’ve probably heard about Lake Berryessa. It’s a 23-mile-long lake with a 2,000-acre wildlife preserve along the east shore.

Lake Berryessa In A Brief

Lake Berryessa is a reservoir located in Napa County, California. It was created by the construction of Mount Veeder in the late 1920s and early 1930s. 

The reservoir was named for William Berryessa, a congressman from Contra Costa County who served as the Chairman of the House Committee on the Pacific Coast during World War II. 

The primary purpose of Lake Berryessa is water storage and recreation, but it is also an important source of drinking water for the city of Napa.

Its suction creates the wind, which is another reason why you shouldn’t swim here. Even if you don’t feel comfortable, you can always try another spot to kayak in the area.

If you’re looking for a unique way to travel, Lake Berryessa offers an abundance of fun. It’s just 45 minutes from Napa Valley, and its mild winter and summer temperatures are ideal for water sports and other outdoor activities. 

You can enjoy wildlife viewing, hiking, and kayak camping on this beautiful lake. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway with friends or family, Lake Berryessa is a perfect place to go.

For even more fun, try fishing or crabbing, both popular recreational activities on the lake.

If you’ve never kayaked on Lake Berryessa, you should plan a trip there now. The water in the lake is 275 feet deep, 72 feet wide, and releases over 300,000 gallons of water every second. 

Top 3 Boat Rentals At Lake Berryessa

Kayaking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Northern California. Lake Berryessa is a great place to kayak because it is a large lake with plenty of wind and flat water. There are some amazing kayak and boat rentals in Lake Berryessa, Napa, that offer different types of equipment and guided tours.

If you plan to spend several days on the lake, Pleasure Cove has cabins that sleep up to 10 people and RV campsites. A full-service grocery store and an RV dumping station are also onsite.

The marina is a great place to find kayak rentals if you are not an experienced paddler. There is also a boat launch on the west shore of the lake. Other great locations include Oak Shores Day Use Area and Smittle Creek Recreation Area. 

In addition to Lake Berryessa boat rentals at Pleasure Cove Marina, the marina has other amenities for visitors, including a concession store and a convenience store. 

Those who prefer to stay onsite can rent a lakeside cabin for groups of four to eight people. Additionally, Pleasure Cove Marina has campgrounds and RV sites. If you’re interested in exploring the area on foot, you can take a hike or rent a horse.

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable experience or a memorable vacation, Pleasure Cove Marina has everything you need for a successful vacation. Boat rentals, houseboats, and fishing access are available at the marina, and you can even find camping sites nearby. 

The boats and jets are top of the line and include all the amenities necessary for a fun day on the water. Families can enjoy fishing, swimming, and sightseeing while out on the water, and there is plenty of room to spread out for a day of relaxation.

The boats are clean, well-maintained, and equipped with comfortable seating and storage. The jet skis are powerful and stable, making them ideal for taking a quick ride around the lake.

Lake Berryessa Boating Regulations

Before you head out on the water, it is important to understand the Lake Berryessa boating rules. The rules for this lake can help you enjoy your vacation in the area without breaking the law.

The first and most important rule is to always have your Seasonal Boating Permit readily available for viewing. Any violation of this rule may result in a fine or suspension of your lake use for the season.

The boating regulations at Lake Berryessa are designed to protect both the environment and users of the lake. 

These regulations prohibit boats from traveling beyond a certain distance from shore, require boats to have radios and flares in case of an emergency, and require all boats to have current registration and proof of insurance.

In order to enjoy its natural resources, including boating, fishing, and swimming, residents of Lake Berryessa are required to abide by a set of regulations promulgated by the California Department of Boating and Waterways (DOBW).

While you’re on the lake, consider staying at a resort. Near the dam, Markley Cove offers shore access, boat docks, and marina services. Some areas also have RV and tent camping. You can also camp at Steele Canyon and Putah Canyon Recreation Area.

Top Kayaking And Boating Destinations In Lake Berryessa 

The Bureau of Reclamation manages Lake Berryessa, a natural body of water covering nearly 20,000 acres. This reservoir provides drinking water and electricity to the surrounding area. 

Visitors can enjoy many water-based activities and the lake’s surrounding lands, including hiking, biking, and camping. 

Recreational facilities, boat rentals, and picnic areas are available for guests to enjoy the beauty of the lake.

The Markley Cove Resort is a small and cozy marina that is located on the southern shores of Lake Berryessa. It has three marinas and two campgrounds. You can also take advantage of the many activities available on the lake, including fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

While kayaking, you can explore the 2,500-foot-high Blue Ridge and the stunning beauty of Lake Berryessa. To help you find your way around, you can print out a map of the lake’s shoreline. 

Have a look at the map. It identifies the launch points, place names, and interesting shoreline paddles. When you are ready to paddle, simply take a look at the map.

The Glory Hole is a manmade water spillway in Lake Berryessa. This manmade structure sat at the top of the lake and was installed to prevent the dam from overflowing. 

Despite the dangers, this manmade structure is still one of the most scenic kayaking spots in the area. The water is 72 feet wide at the top and narrows down to 28 feet at the exit.

The lake itself is quite spectacular, and if you’ve never been before, this is a great place to explore. There are many places to paddle and see wildlife, including eagles, bald eagles, and foxes. 

A great place to take a family, friends, and even yourself will benefit from exploring the lake on a kayak.

The lake’s waters are full of fish. The lake is also known for native rainbow trout, bass, and salmon. You can enjoy water sports in this lake – you can go paddle boarding, kayaking, or even go scuba diving. 

It’s also home to a Monticello Dam, which forms a massive whirlpool when the water levels are high enough.

Kayak And Boat Launch Points At Lake Berryessa

If you are planning a boating vacation in the Solano County area, you may wonder where to launch your boat. The answer depends on what type of boating you are planning. Depending on your needs, you may want to spend a day or two at Lake Berryessa.

In addition to launching your boat, you may want to enjoy fishing for cold-water and warm-water species. The Bureau of Reclamation provides two main launch ramps at Capell Cove and Smittle Creek. There are also numerous dispersed day-use areas along Lake Berryessa.

Capell Cove

Capell Cove is another boat launch operated by the Bureau of Reclamation. It is located on the southwest shore of Lake Berryessa. It offers ADA access to the lake and multiple spaces for boat trailer parking. Located near Lake Berryessa, this public boat launch is popular for anglers and water skiers.

There are restrooms and picnic areas nearby, but due to low water levels, this boat launch is closed at the moment.

Putah Creek

If you are going to fish for bass, you’ll want to know where to launch your boat. Many people prefer the main lake as a more accessible location. Putah Creek Canyon offers a scenic alternative that’s 6.5 miles from Lake Berryessa. It is bordered by low hills and a no-wake zone for 4.5 miles. After you’ve launched your boat, be sure to explore the other spots for fishing.

Public Boat Launch At Lake Berryessa

You’ll also find a public boat launch on the western shore of the lake. It’s located on the Steele Canyon road just before the Steele Park Resort. Simply lift your kayak over a steel gate and carry it the 1/4 mile down the partially paved road.

There’s also a public boat launch at Capell Cove, which has a good beach for launching a boat. Note that Capell Cove is usually filled early on weekends.

Other Things To Do In Lake Berryessa

Recreational opportunities are plentiful at Lake Berryessa, which is nestled between the Blue Ridge and Cedar Roughs east of the Napa Valley. 

In addition to boating, there are several other things to do in Lake Berryessa. The area is known as a summer vacation destination. Its waters are temperate, ranging from 47 degrees in the winter to 72 degrees in the summer, providing the perfect habitat for both warm and cold-water fish. 

Visitors can engage in a variety of lake activities, from kayaking to fishing. While they’re at the lake, they can also enjoy the stunning views of the Blue Ridge.

Whether you’re looking to take in the lake’s beauty or enjoy motor boating, Lake Berryessa has something for everyone. Camping and RV camping are also available in this region, making it a perfect destination all year long. With so much to offer, Lake Berryessa is sure to be a popular destination.

Fishing At Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa is a freshwater lake in Napa Valley, California. The lake is approximately 50 miles long and 15 miles wide. It is fed by the Berryessa River, which originates in the Mayacamas Mountains.

Lake Berryessa is a bass angler’s paradise. The reservoir boasts abundant salmon and trout populations. The water temperature is 75 degrees in the summer, making it an ideal location for fishing. The Pleasure Cove Marina on the south end of the lake offers houseboats along with other boat rentals at Lake Berryessa.

If you don’t want to spend a night on the water, you can find a great kayak launch and enjoy your day out on the lake.

What Kind Of Bait Fish Are In Lake Berryessa?

Lake Berryessa is home to a variety of bait fish, including but not limited to bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill, and perch. These fish are attracted to baits such as worms, shrimp, and lures.

For those who love catching big bass, this lake is great for that. Bigmouth bass is known for being easy to catch with finesse worms and crankbaits, so try using downsized finesse worms to hook the biggest fish of the day. 

You can also try topwater lures to catch spotted bass, which was introduced to the lake a little later than the other species. Despite their small size, these basses can still produce great numbers.

You can enjoy fishing for salmon, bass, and native rainbow trout. Other options include kayaking, Jet Skis, and other water sports. The eastern edge of the lake is home to the Monticello Dam, where the ‘Glory Hole’ spillway forms a gigantic whirlpool when the water level is high.

Lake Berryessa Fly Fishing

Lake Berryessa is known for its world-class trout fishing, and the fly fishers have had their share of success too. The lake has a wide range of conditions that can be Operator Fishing from dawn to dusk. There are also several popular fishing areas near the south end of the lake.

Bass Fishing Lake Berryessa

Smallmouth bass is the most popular game fish in Lake Berryessa. They eat shad and smelt. Minnow-imitating jigs and swimbaits are effective in the early seasons. Soft plastics can be used on drop-shot rigs in deeper habitats. The largemouth bass is heavyweight. One person holds the lake record for 17-pound smallmouth bass.


For fishing, Lake Berryessa offers great opportunities for kokanee. Unlike many other lakes, Kokanee lives in open water for most of the year. Trolling is an excellent method for catching these fish. While kokanee is commonly found in the deep parts of the lake, many people have found success trolling for them in mid-lake near the deep side of the big island.

In addition to this, areas near the dam are productive too. Markley Cove and Skier’s Cove are also worthwhile destinations to pass through.

Crappie Fishing Lake Berryessa

If you’re looking to catch crappie on Lake Berryessa, the best places to start are Portuguese Cove and Steel Canyon. Crappie can be found in shallow waters, so you’ll want to cast your hook near those areas. Other great spots to cast a line include Pope Creek Inlet and Putah Creek. The best time to catch these types of fish is during the night.


While Lake Berryessa is an ideal place to go boating and camp, it is also the most popular outdoor recreation destination in Napa County. Its lush flora and fauna are abundant and colorful, and you can find many activities on the water. 

You can swim in the lake, enjoy photography, go fishing, or even go hunting! These activities are sure to keep your family busy for hours.

Spillway At The Dam

Another thing to do in Lake Berryessa is to visit the spillway at the dam and view the beautiful landscape around it. A large concrete funnel sticks out of the dam, and during high water, the surface level submerges this funnel, creating a hypnotizing swirl.

However, be sure to visit the nearby reservoir before the waters rise too high. And while you’re in the area, don’t forget to check out the nearby vineyards and wineries.

Kayak and boat rentals at Lake Berryessa are a great way to explore the natural beauty. You can rent a kayak or a boat and explore the lake on your own or with a group of friends. From easy beginner trips to more challenging expeditions, we have something for everyone.