Ocean Kayaking Basics And Tips

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Kayaking in the ocean is like hiking! And it’s a great combination of different adventurous flavors. You can enjoy ocean kayaking in the vast open ocean with your kayak. Moreover, it is a great way of exploring the ocean. Ocean kayaking opens many secret doors of nature that cannot be opened by any other means. Ocean kayaking opens the mobility to roaming around as you like.

Moreover, you can visit many remote coves and private beaches. Ocean kayaking also made it easy to blend in with nature as there is no artificial noise is generated. You can witness vast wildlife and can get close to them but be respectful to them. However, kayaking in the ocean is not as easy as river kayaking. It’s quite different! Thereby, here we’ve come with a complete checklist so that you can enjoy ocean kayaking in the most adventurous way.

Advantages of Ocean Kayaking

Ocean kayaking is becoming more and more popular day by day. There is some reason behind this rapid popularity. Ocean kayaking offers a lot of advantages mainly it is for everyone regarding novice or pro there is no age barrier young and old both people can enjoy ocean kayaking. We are always finding new and exciting things to do. Hunger for exploring new things places always drives humans Ocean kayaking ticks every point of that kind of need.

Getting closer to the scenic beauty is an advantage. Ocean kayaking can get you in the wilderness and the raw beauty of nature can be observed very closely by sitting in a kayak in an ocean. There are many places in the world in which pure and raw beauty can only be observed by kayaking.

We usually go for a vacation to relieve our stress but you often find those places full of chaos people chattering and disgusting traffic jams and so on but when you are in the ocean in your kayak there is no one near you can feel the sanity quietness purity nothing can disturb you there. Kayaking in the ocean is an amazing exercise and sometimes you need not bear any weight. A long cruise in the ocean will give you mental pleasure and you are exercising as well. Here is a complete ocean kayak fishing checklist.

Last but not least kayaking in the ocean is a fun thing to do. you will get great fun and joy with the assistance of a bounty full of wildlife. If you prepare your kayak in a good way no doubt you will start enjoying it within 10 minutes.

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Disadvantages of Ocean Kayaking

Kayaking in the ocean is very appealing, fun, and adventurous but don’t grab your paddle in a hurry. The advantages of ocean kayaking are many but it has some disadvantages also though by taking some majors some of the dangers can be resolved.

The main disadvantage is ocean kayaking often done far from the human natural habitat called the land that makes it quite challenging. The ocean is a big place and without proper navigation devices and skills, it may be very harmful to one especially for beginners. Beginners should not go deeper into the water on their first journeys.

Thunderstorms and lightning can make your kayaking adventure a total mess sometimes sudden storms with large waves can appear which can flip your kayak. You need to wear PFD always to be safe in such kind of situation.

Hypothermia can get you when your kayak capsizes especially in colder months. You must take enough dry cloth to incase any emergency dry cloths can save your life. Your kayak must have enough watertight compartments to accommodate all your goods. Here is a complete guideline for kayaking in the winter months.

The ocean is the natural habitat of sharks. Sharks can be harmful if you enter their territory. Kayaks are small vessels and a medium size shark can flip your kayak so be aware of that and be conscious when passing their territory.

In the ocean there are other vessels there are many motorized and large ones. However, a little mistake can be catastrophic for you. So that you need to be careful of other fast-moving vessels in the ocean.

9 Tips for Kayaking in The Ocean

No 1

Have a clear idea about the place you are going kayaking: As the intention is to make as much enjoy a trip as you can then you must have a clear idea about the spot. The ocean is a vast place so it is very likely that you lose track of your location. You must have a clear idea about your shoreline and the place you are going to kayak.

No 2

Weather: You need to check the weather report as you’re going in an ocean the weather must be favorable. Fog, wind, rain, and thunderstorm are crucial environmental elements. Fog can make you lose track wind creates waves and lightning is dangerous. When you are packing for the trip, a weather forecast device is very helpful. weather is very uncertain in the ocean it can change dramatically.

No 3

Other Vehicles-Other vehicles in the area can cause. There may be many motorized vehicles that move fast so you have to be aware of them and make sure you don’t go their path and don’t let them come near you.

No 4

Safety gear: Safety should be your priority so pack safety equipment like PFD, first aid kit a lamp, and a kayak repair kit. Remember one thing when you are in the ocean you are on your own and any time any kind of emergency can happen. Your pack of safety gear will come in handy there. You also develop some skills to use those safety gear.

No 5

Skin protection: You are exposed to the burning sun so bring sunscreen, sunglasses, some clothes, and bug spray.

No 6

Pack adequate food and water: A sea is a challenging place. As you are paddling a lot of energy will be burned and you must be hydrated also so pack as much food and drinkable as you can.

No 8

Bring an anchor: An anchor is a very important piece of gear it helps to stop you and change direction. Many beginner kayakers often overlook this but it is important.

No 8

Obey the rule and don’t get drunk: When you are planning to kayak near a beach or a particular shoreline that beach or shoreline may impose some rules which you must obey. when you are kayaking in the ocean you need all your senses and also the sixth sense son getting drunk or high is highly prohibited .so don’t consume any alcohol or weed.

No 9

Don’t choose a cheap paddle: The ground a kayak can cover is surprising and the paddle ensures that. You may think it will be okay to go cheap on a paddle but you are completely wrong. A good paddle makes a good ocean kayaking experience. Your paddle must be light enough to carry and strong enough to beat the fearsome ocean waves. A bad paddle can make your Kayaking operation painful. So, expend as much money as you can to buy a good paddle.

How to kayak in the ocean?

Kayaking in the ocean sounds very menacing at first but it is very elating to kayak in the ocean. The ocean is a vast and very challenging place so when you are planning to kayak in the ocean first you have to master your basic kayaking skills. Practice your kayaking strokes in the soother waters.

Make your body and mind comfortable in the water and develop the skills to move your kayak in the direction you want. If you are comfortable and confident enough that you have full control of your kayak then you can plan a trip in the ocean. When you are going to kayak in the ocean just mastering paddling isn’t enough. You must know the basic safety rules in water. You have to have essential first aid techniques.

Can you use a River Kayak in the Ocean?

In present times kayaks are found in many sizes, shapes, and designs. They are of different materials for their different use. Which means some are made for rivers or lakes and some are for oceans. So that, by this, we can say that river kayaks and ocean kayaks are different and they are different in slight ways. If you ask that, can you take your river kayak in the ocean the answer is yes but there is a limitation? You can only use it in short distances and good weather and a very mild wave are required. If you are planning to go deep in the ocean you must then take an ocean kayak.

The main difference between ocean kayak and river kayak is in the size. River kayaks are short in size and ocean kayaks are bigger at least 14 feet in length. Ocean kayak provides some additional safety features and a lot of space for a longer trip.

Ocean Kayaking Basics

In the vast ocean, it is not unlikely that you may become lonely suddenly so you should be able to rescue yourself. Practicing all your skills in the calmer water is a good option. Before you go ocean kayaking you have to make sure that you are picking the right equipment. An ocean kayaking operation requires a lot of equipment and they have to be of the best quality which can save your life.

An effective personal flotation device is a must, you also need to store your stuff in this regard a waterproof bag is very helpful. And you also need a communication system with plenty of drinkable water and adequate food. First aid kit navigation materials as compasses backrest are some important elements.

In the open ocean, you are exposed to the direct sun so sun protection materials are very useful. Take sunglasses and a hat if possible. Normally clothing is not very different than your usual river or lake Kayaking but as ocean kayaking takes comparatively longer time than other water kayaking and land is far away so you must take extra clothing with you. You need to choose your outfit accordingly take those clothes that make you comfortable. There is a high chance that you may get wet so extra clothing helps here.

There is a strong chance of getting hypothermia so dry cloth is very essential is very important essential the coast guard will not let you go to the water without it and it will save your life also.

How to get on a Kayak in The Ocean?

Waves and unconscious moves can flip your kayak and suddenly you can discover yourself swimming in the middle of the ocean. In this situation first and foremost thing is to not panic and stay calm. Maybe you are alone in the ocean then you have to perform self-rescue. Here is the breakdown. Get back above water as soon as possible then get a hold on your paddle and kayak. Grab your paddle float and hook your leg inside the cockpit to free up your hands.

And slide the blade into the float and attach the clip. Then you need to flip back the kayak to do this you need to reach under the boat and grab the cockpit combing on the far side pull it towards you while you push up on the near side of the kayak and voila.

Now move to the stern and lay your paddle behind the cockpit with the blade just on the far side of the coming. Hold the paddle and the combing in one hand to keep it in place and reach across the deck to find something to hold on then to give a big kick or climb onto your paddle. Thereby, you can pull yourself onto the rear deck. Keep your weight low and stay on your belly while you spin around to slide your legs into the cockpit. Remember to lean onto the paddle for stability. Now you are back in the kayak you then pump the water out and set off.

Ocean Kayak Setup In A Brief

An adaptable saltwater kayak and a paddle that can tackle the strong ocean tides: The kayak is the most important thing in the ocean so you should choose it accordingly. An ideal ocean kayak must be minimalistic, the draft of it should be shallow, stability is must required, a skinny kayak is better. The kayak has low gunwale ease to hop in and out. The size is a critical factor chose a kayak that offers ample space for all equipment along with the safety gears.

However, you also need an easy to handle paddle for having perfect kayaking. A paddle that feels light enough to the hand and strong enough to beat the strong ocean tide is the best. There is a lot of size house according to your kayak.

Personal Flotation Device

A personal flotation device (PFD)is a life savior. One of the recent US coast guard reports states that in recent years the death rate of paddlers is significantly reduced because of the use of PFDs. PFDs are three types 1,2 and 3. You should choose which suits you PFD also has small pockets which help carry goods.

Additional storage

When you are in the ocean you defiantly need a lot of storage to keep all your equipment’s especially the safety equipment. The ocean kayak storage box faces more abuse. So it must be rugged and sturdy meanwhile it should be light and must offer ample space. You chose a box that can be easily mounted in the deck of your kayak.

Some additional items

Don’t forget to take safety equipment. Bring some Colorful flags and led lights in case of emergency to follow the coast guard safety Regulation. Chose your apparel as the ocean offers specific challenges in different seasons.

Is it Safe to Kayak in the Ocean?

In a seance Kayaking or any kind of aquatic activity is not completely safe unless you take or follow required safety majors. Kayaking in the ocean can be dangerous if you are not following the safety regulations. Ocean kayaking offers a lot of recreation and joy besides it is the most dangerous one. The ocean is quite an uncertain place and offers a lot of challenges sudden storm can appear you need to watch out for.

Ocean kayaking can be divided into two ways deep ocean kayaking and kayaking near the beach. If you kayak near the beach or shoreline, it is not much dangerous but when you are thinking to go deep in the ocean it becomes much dangerous. Instead of all the dangerous ocean kayaking is getting very popular day by day. All the dangers can be countered by taking some safety steps. you must always wear a life-saving vest or PFD (personal flotation device).

Ocean Kayaking Safety Guidelines

When you are planning an ocean kayaking tour you should take and follow some kayaking safety majors. Abide by the kayaking rules of the area you are in. You need to check the water condition and its temperature also. Moreover, you also need to prepare yourself for sudden changes of weather when you are in cold water a dry suit or wet suit is necessary. But when you are in warm weather a long sleeve outfit will provide you with sun protection. Choose your outfit according to the weather.

Off-shore winds are very disturbing and they will not let you return to the shore so be aware of it. A Kayak is a small watercraft and it has a small weight capacity and you should not exceed that. A qualified instructor can be useful for beginners. Because he or she can teach you proper paddling, water safety, and also basic first aid. Always wear your PFD the coast guard imposed that regulation.

Tell your friends or family about your tour give them a clear idea about the place you are going for kayaking, always stay hydrated, and take plenty of food. Practice your self-rescue and all the skills in calmer water and shallow water. And then some more extreme waters before hitting the ocean.

Kayaking is a fun and recreational activity. However, kayaking is a good exercise. Ocean kayaking is not new but recently it is gaining more popularity than ever. Ocean kayaking offers adventure fun challenges simultaneously. One can feel and observe the vast ocean by kayaking in it. You can feel the freedom and vastness. The ocean is full of natural beauty and surprises kayaking is one of the easiest means to observe those. Kayaking in the ocean is also very challenging and there is a lot of risk matter in it. One should always abide by the kayaking safety regulation and pack all the required safety gear. Always wear a personal flotation device.