How To Get Dog In Kayaks

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Dogs kayaking is such an amazing experience that you cannot forget for the rest of your adventures. Dogs are a true friend and one of the best companions of all time. No doubt that dogs in kayaks always boost enjoyment. Besides, this will take the adventure to another level if you can get your dog in kayaks.

You may be a great caring to your pet dog. And sometimes, we have left nothing special except our pet! For such situations, bringing the pet dog for kayaking is a great way for the weekend. Thereby, you both will be able to enjoy the adventure in such a divine way. That’s why we prefer dogs kayaking as the holy adventure. How To Get Dog In Kayaks?

That is to say, a dog needs to get flustered. It is always a good idea to take your dog with you on your journey and treat him as a best friend as usual. Therefore, for having a better dog kayaking experience, you need to train your dog for kayaking. This training will simplify the adventure with various methods and techniques.

Now, we begin with the following questions;

Can I bring my dog for kayaking?

No doubt that we can bring our lovely dog for kayaking. Basically, dogs are so playful and that’s why our kayaking experience will be more entertaining with dogs. And you can bring your kids too! You will find details on kayaking with kids from here.

Can I fit a dog in a kayak?

Yes. We can fit dogs in kayaks. Most importantly, now the manufacturers are developing kayaks with the concern of dogs kayaking. And there are dog-friendly kayaks that will make the adventure easier.

Can I put a dog in inflatable kayaks?

Yes. We can put dogs in inflatable kayaks. Generally, inflatable kayaks are made from special PVC and synthetic materials. And now the industrialists are developing inflatable kayaks concerning the factors of dogs kayaking.

Do I need to train my dog for kayaking?

Actually, for doing something new, we all need the basics and then practice. For having the ultimate adventure of kayaking we need to train our dog for kayaking. And it is not a difficult task to train a dog for kayaking. We have covered the complete guideline for dogs kayaking. The dog’s training for kayaking will help you out without hiring any professionals.

Get Your Dog in Kayaks

For getting our dogs in kayaks, we need to prepare ourselves first by dog kayaking training. Then we should be focusing on how we can get our dog in a kayak. Here are the important factors that we should maintain in order to get the dog in kayaks in the proper way;

Training for getting dog in kayaks

Training is the first and foremost part of getting your dog in kayaks. And the training of your dog does not mean to take and teach some movements to him. It is all about basic training, commands, assimilation, and acclimation with previous learning.

Get dog in kayak
Practice and Patience

Try to teach some common commands such as get in, get out, sit, stay, jump, come back, fetch, etc. Through this, your lovely dog will not get so excited or scared. You also should practice these methods for your dog several times. Do not get in a hurry. Make the practice slow and take proper time. Offer rest, sleep, and food to your dog after the practice and training period.

Let your dog become fully comfortable with the kayak. It may take time for your dog to introduce him to your boat on dry land, be obedient to your commands, and get himself ready or fully prepared. And the ultimate dog’s kayaking training will be the best guide in this situation.

The age level of your dog is also very important for you to make a positive kayaking experience. The middle-aged dogs are seemed very interested in water or water-related sports. 7 out of the 10 doggies are very conversational to water sports. But you should not start the training at the age of 14.

It will be much-stressed work for both you and your dog. You should set up your mind to try to train your dog yourself during the whole training period. Make fun with your kayak. But do not leave your dog alone after the learning sessions.

After a few sessions of this, your dog will get accustomed and easily get in kayaks. Try to maintain the things shower and give enough time for the understanding.

For dog’s basic training details, you can also have a look at wikiHow’s dog’s basic training. They have presented the complete guideline on dogs’ basic training. Above all, learn the safety lessons for kayaking, first!

Positive Reinforcement

Treat positively with your dog. Basically, treating your pet positively is a simple solution for your pet’s response. Give him special comments, good value, good food, if he does well in his task as a symbol of love or motivation in training. Good treats and encouragement always make a dog interested in the next voyage.

But do not show any sudden excitement. As a result, it may get your dog frighten. Make sure, you are valuing their positive behavior and responses. Thereby, their encouragement will grow with you. And they will become friendlier to you.

By this little part, you will be able to get your dog in kayaks. And during the training, try to do keep it simple.

Give pause or frequent stops

As usual, all kayakers get more or over-excited when they start kayaking with their doggies. So in that situation, they start kayaking for a long duration. But you know it better than a dog is not used to long kayaking and he may get bored with it.

At the same time, the upper and the lower portion of the body of your dog remain inactive during kayaking for a long period of time. Because he cannot move or exercise at that time. So try to give pause and time to move or exercise to your dog in training time and also in excursion as much as you do. Getting your dog in kayaks is not difficult.

But you should follow the factors to get your dog in kayaks. Moreover, your dog will increase the enjoyment of your kayaking.

Keep Balance

Keeping balance is one of the most important things for dogs kayaking. In fact, balance is the key fact for kayaking. There’s a compilation of kayaking facts, you would find this informative and interesting.

We know that kayaking with a heavy shore or wave of water is inappropriate for your dog. Once you do this, your dog may get frightened especially when it is a German shepherd. So you definitely should keep a limited balance when you are paddling on preliminary stages with your dog. Then kayaking will become the most favorite outdoor activity for your dog. Maintain the balance while you are getting your dog in the kayak.

Make Your Dog Relaxed with The Kayak

Making your dog relaxed is another important fact for better dog kayaking. After introducing the kayak to your dog, try to make him relaxed with it. Let him spend time with the kayak. This will help a lot for getting your dog in kayaks.

Try not to bother him while you are trying to get the dog in kayaks. And do not tie your dog with the kayak. If you do it once, your dog may not want to go with you for kayaking for the next time. At the same time, it is also not so safe. Because your dog cannot help itself in any endangered situation or when it may become trapped. Have a look at the kayaking safety tips.

Encourage your dog while practicing and ensure his comfort. Thereby your dog will find kayaking much more enjoyable. And you would easily get your dog in a kayak. You can also gather more ideas from here.

Toys for Getting Dog in Kayaks

As a companion, dogs are really playful. They love to play with their owners. And toys are a simple solution for engaging the dogs.

We recommend keeping toys, bones, or chews for your dog to get him in the kayak. Getting your dog in kayaks will be easier with toys. They are really fond of it. Besides, he will not get bored during kayaking. You can add chewable toys, artificial bones, puzzling toys, rubber elements, etc. They really love these toys. Thereby they will enjoy kayaking more and remain engaged well.

Besides keeping toys, you should keep the necessary equipment for you as well as for your dog. We will be discussing it later in this article.

Guide On: After You Get Your Dog in Kayaks

After your dog becomes friendly and comfortable with kayaks and you can easily get your dog in kayaks, you need to practice and maintain some other things too. The following things will provide advantages for amazing dogs kayaking. For particular bay kayaking, we’ve outlined the essentials here. And for kayaking and fishing in the ocean, you can have a glance at the article.

Try to Kayak on the calm water with dogs

After you can get your dog in kayaks, try to have practice sessions. And try kayaking on the calm water with your dog. Do not get overwhelmed during the practice sessions.

For beginning the journey of dogs kayaking, kayaking on the calm water is the key fact to begin. Because by regular water kayaking your dog will get familiar with the adventure as there are no major obstacles. Thereby, your dog’s kayaking training will go smoother.

For the early practice sessions, calm water kayaking will help your dog to get adjusted to kayaking, and later he gets used to it.

Then you can start kayaking with your dog on a heavy flow of water if you want. The first time kayaking with your dog on the water will be very funny, enjoyable, pleasant, but it may not remain longer. So do not make them nervous and stressed. If it happens, your dog may not want to go with you kayaking again.

Make the journey comfortable for him. So that he would look forward to kayaking. Once both of you become comfortable with kayaking, enjoy the journey as much as you want. Then you can make your next trips longer and more exciting.

Make a Habit of Using Necessary Equipment

As you are developing your kayaking with a dog, you need to focus on the necessary equipment. In fact, using the right equipment from the beginning will be smothering for the journey ahead. We recommend using the necessary equipment from the beginning and make yourself comfortable with the gears.

Make a habit of using a life vest for your dog. While you are kayaking with a dog, you remain responsible for the journey. That’s why you have to assure the safeties as well as comfort. Wearing the perfect life vest is mandatory. It’s such a life savior.

If your dog is good at swimming then he will be amazing for kayaking. But wearing a PFD for your dog has no alternatives. For having the adventure in the perfect way, you should prepare the necessary things before you get your dog in a kayak.

On the other hand, as a caring owner, you should protect your dog from sunburn. It is important to use a sun-protective device for both of you. Practice sunblock to your dog if you are planning for day kayaking.

Use sunblock to sensitive areas of the body of the dog which may get sunburnt.  Zinc oxide can also be the alternative to sunblock.

Know The Health Condition Before Getting Your Dog In Kayaks

You should know the health condition of your dog before you are going to get your dog in kayaks. If you are well enough to measure the health conditions then it is fine. And if not, make sure your dog is well enough for kayaking.

In such conditions, consulting with a veterinarian would be great for having relaxed kayaking. Your dog also may be diabetic, but still, you are unknown about the fact. Your dog will be going to spend a long time on the water kayaking. So it will be better to get him checked.

Mosquitoes may also disturb you and your dog. So you and your dog may get infected. You obviously protect your lovely friend from any heat worm. Make sure to inform the veterinarian that you are training your dog or going to train your dog very soon. Medication and vaccination of your dog are also important before going on a journey.

Modifications and Attachments for Dogs

After getting your dog in kayaks, you would love to do some modifications and attachments for your friend. And modifying the kayak and its attachments will bring comfort for you both. Moreover, these changes will make your dog feel better during the adventure. Proper adjustments are the main thing behind comfortable kayaking. Foot support, back support storage area for paddlers. On the other hand, a dog needs little room, a sidecar, a tow, and some other equipment for his relaxation and interest.

If your kayak has sufficient room, it would be a plus point. Because your friend can move a little and you can make the necessary attachments. You can get sit-on-top vs sit-inside kayak modification ideas from here.


Proper enjoyment with enthusiasm would make your puppy ready and encourage the dog to get in kayaks. After that, your kayaking enjoyment would become more pleasurable. After having practice sessions, your dog would get in kayak easily and would go with you for any kayaking trip enthusiastically.    

They love this crazy adventure and rarely complain about it. But you need to keep patience to get your dog in kayaks. Pay attention to your dog and then, kayaking will be a very favorite pastime for you and your doggy.