Kayaking With Dog: The Holy Adventure

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Kayaking is such an enjoyable activity that the passionate kayak paddler cannot stay away from this adventure. And as a pet lover, kayaking with a dog is an amazing way of enjoying the adventure with the beloved dog.

Some dogs are so much fond of water and if you are a pet lover you will definitely enjoy kayaking with a dog in the wilderness and water.

Kayaking with a dog is a better way of recreation for both of you. But for the adventure, we have to prepare the dog in a kayak. As well as we should modify kayak for better kayaking with dogs.

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Kayak Fishing with Dog’ and “Sea Kayaking with Dog” are really amazing for solo kayaking trips that you can memorize for decades. But before kayaking with dogs remembers to train your dog for kayaking. There are “dog gears for kayaking” which will be accelerating for dogs kayaking.

Choose the “best kayak for dogs” and that’s suits you as well. For the first trip, your dog may need some space. If your dog is a particular rambunctious type, you may use high densities polyethylene kayaks. At the same time choose the one that provides proper footrest for both of you and your pet one.

Let’s begin the guide on “kayaking with dog” with some common questions:

Can I take my dog on a kayak?

No doubt the answer is yes. But first, you have to train your dog for kayaking. And you have to practice enough before long touring.

How to train a dog to kayak?

Dogs are quick learners. Dogs kayaking is all about the basic preparations, commands, adjustment, and acclimation. We recommend practicing the dog’s kayaking training for several sessions. Just don’t get in a hurry.
Make the practice slow and take proper time. Begin the training by knowing how to get dogs in kayaks? The article presents everything that one should know for training a dog for kayaking.

Is it safe to kayak with a dog?

Safeties always depend on the preparations. By using the safety equipment and following the guidelines dogs’ kayaking will be safer and more enjoyable. Here are the complete kayaking safety tips.

Can I put a dog in an inflatable kayak?

Yes. Inflatable kayaks are well built for dogs kayaking. Inflatable kayaks can deal with the dogs and paws without any concerns. Indeed they are perfect since they are so steady, friendly, and safe.

Can I do kayak fishing with a dog?

Dogs kayaking is another lever of adventure. Yes, we can do kayak fishing with a dog. In fact, dogs can be helpful for kayak fishing. All we need is practice for both of us.

The very most queries of kayaking with dogs have been mentioned and summarized in the previous sections. Though those things are very common thinking and there are lots more. And for beginning level kayaking, each factor should be cleared well. In this case, knowing the kayaking facts will be accelerating.

We may now begin the holy adventurous kayaking with a dog. . .

Kayaking With Dog: The Adventure in a Brief

Kayaking with a dog is such an adventure that we would all love. And here the most interesting thing is, the trip will make our dog more fascinating. Dogs kayaking is an absolute way to spend time in nature with our beloved pet dog.

At the same time, most dogs love water. So kayaking with a dog will be a great pleasure for both. Some dogs may scare water and it’s their natural fear. But most of the dogs really enjoy it.

Think for a second, when you are kayaking in the deep ocean or the river, your dog may feel weird. That is why for the first time kayaking with dogs would not be so easy accomplishment. But the dog’s kayaking is not a tough job. You can have a look at our guidelines on Hudson river kayaking from here. It will simplify your river kayaking.

Therefore we have considered some important factors in this case. Because here our goal is to involve the pet dog in kayaks. Believe me, the four-legged friend will make the trip more amusing than alone.

Kayaking With Dog: The Simple Basics

For better dogs kayaking, we have to prepare ourselves first. Then we train the dog in kayaking. As we want to involve the best friend in kayaking, we have to prepare everything that suits both of us.

The following basics will help in kayaking with a dog:

Kayaking with dog

Choose The Right Kayak For Dogs:   Start the holy adventure by choosing the perfect kayak for both. Then we need to learn “The Methods” and “The Precautions” for our canine pet. Modifying the older kayak can be a good solution for first-time dog kayaking.

The watercraft is narrow. A large-spaced, stable, and steady kayak would be great for starting the adventure.

Some kayaks are inflatable, comfortable, and have two adjustable seats. These adjustable seats offer to move the seat closer to the dog or also further from the pet for more relaxation. The factor is that here conveniences depend on us for us as well as for our dog.

Some of the beginners so curious to go on dogs kayaking. In this situation, we should focus on “easy to use kayaks” with spacey, adjustable foot braces, and easy to control. We have something else to make your kayaking easy and safe. It would be a helpful one.

Start by Day Kayaking:   For the first time, we should begin the trip by day kayaking. Lake Powell kayaking is good for the opening of dogs in kayaks. Patience, proper training, and appropriate non-water exposures in the boat will be much helpful to a non-water-loving dog to learn the training.

Tolerate the journey and the time length will be according to the plan. The imperative climate is very necessary for us as well as for the dog.

The blog “kayaking with dog” provides tips and complete guidelines. It will help to choose the right one for both.

Basic Facts of Kayaking with Dog: Swimming experience, dogs breed, age, size are some important factors of dogs for better kayaking. And outfitters as well. One important matter is that PFD is important for the desensitization of the dog. Actually, we need not think much about the one for kayaking. The four-legged friend can play freely with it. And thus it is an important component.

Weather Facts for Dogs Kayaking: Temperature, air, water, weather are essential factors in regards of kayaking with dogs. So that, we should not only concentrate on PFD. Some dogs can tolerate colder water or ambient temperature but some cannot. 

Personal Floating Device (PFD) And Training: For kayaking, we must use a reliable PFD. And never leave the dog’s PFD at home! Some dogs consistently respond to the basic commands within a few seconds. Proper training is the most important factor in kayaking with the dog. There are “safety issues”, weather facts and a lot more. For the very first time, the dog may not respond well to the commands in the water. The beloved one needs to be mastered in prior training involved in water.

One more important thing: We can very well kayak with dogs. But every responsibility depends on us. We remain responsible for the dog in every situation. Here the key thing is “safety” and we must pay attention to the “kayaking safety instructions”.

Train dogs for kayaking: The 5 Basics  

The dog’s preparation for kayaking will be smoother by following some rules and methods. And well-trained dogs are covered with safety.

Training a dog for kayaking is not a tough thing to do. But it needs time and methods. The right method always makes the way smoother. For complete dogs training for kayaking, we recommend “How to train dogs for kayaking”. The dog’s kayaking training is the ultimate one.

Here are the most important training factors for kayaking with dogs. So that you will feel confident in the time of your first kayaking with a dog.

The 5 basic training factors are;

  1. Begin dogs kayaking with the overview of the kayak to the dog
  2. Make the dog feel comfortable while the introduction and the after training.
  3. Testify the dog’s actions and reactions to the water.
  4. Start the journey of dogs kayaking with a suitable kayak.
  5. Examine the dog’s reactions to your commands.

Best Types of Kayaks for Dogs Kayaking:

There are various types of kayaks in the kayaking industry. But all of them are not friendly for kayaking with dogs. Especially, Sit-on-type kayaks are good for multipurpose kayaking activities. You can find the ultimate sit-on-top vs sit-inside kayak’s comparison from here. Let’s have a look at dog-friendly kayak types;

  1. Sit on Top Kayak for Dogs Kayaking:  Sit on the top kayaks are the best and more affordable for kayaking with dog. Because, sit on top kayaks have better options and very easy to use. And the spaces of sit on top type kayaks are good enough for dogs.

 In fact, you can also use these kayaks for multipurpose kayaking with your dog. As kayak fishing with your dog, kayak touring with your dog, and lots more.

 In this case, sit on top kayak offers more comfort and flexibility than that of other types. These kayaks are not confining.

  • Inflatable Kayak for Dogs Kayaking: Inflatable kayaks are also good for kayaking with dog. In this case, we have to care about the materials of the inflatable kayak that we will be paddling.

Basically, “Hypalon” and “PVC” are the two common materials of these kayaks. Hypalon is chloro-sulfonated polyethylene. And PVC is one of the most popular synthetic plastic polymers.

These kayaks are easy to handle. Thereby, some paddlers recommend using inflatable kayaks during the training sessions for kayaking with dogs.

  • Tandem kayaks for kayaking with dog: Handling a Tandem kayak is quite easy. Besides, these kayaks are good for kayaking with dog. And if the dog is quite big and heavier, then Tandem kayaks will be more comfortable for the bots.

Because Tandem kayaks have more space for free movement. Thereby, the dog would feel comfortable. These kayaks allow room for relaxed positions for the dog and for the paddlers.

Choose the right type of kayaks for having better kayaking with your dog. Most importantly, make sure the lovely pet feels comfortable. And for better kayaking with your kid have a glance at the guidelines.

Tips for Better Kayaking With Dog

Learning kayaking methods and techniques is not a hard job. After beginning the journey with a kayak, the paddlers feel passionate. Then he feels crazy for kayak fishing, kayak touring, kayaking with a dog, and more. Try to ensure your dog’s comfort and maintain the fundamentals for getting your dog in kayaks.

And preparing the dog and kayak will be easier by these ensuing tips. The following tips will accelerate you for a better kayaking experience with dogs. Let’s have a look;

Know the Breeds: For The Best Dogs Kayaking

A heavy and large weighted dog also can easily be fitted with a kayak. Large dogs have breed protection itself. Generally, an ideal kayak has 30- 50 pounds of range breed or value protection with temperament. The excited dog may fall into trouble very soon. Minor situations also may occur through your dog if he/ she gets excited by hearing the roar of rapids, animals, encounters, or weather.

Some dog breeds are really good in this case. Such as Labrador retriever, Nova Scotia Duck Toller, etc. These breeds may offer you a relaxing and enjoyable kayaking experience.

All breeds are helpful to work as early winter warning systems which can identify the smells and sounds so long before we do. So you can enjoy kayaking with your dog at a stretch. However, kayaking in the winter is quite different. Get the guidelines from here.

One important thing about the matter of breed is that if your dog is at old age, but he never been introduced to water sports, it is not the appropriate time for him to practice it. But if your dog is at a middle and young age then he has the ability and confidence to ensure the best breed with kayaking. Age and breed is somehow parallel process.

Then your dog can stay calm around the water and you also can enjoy your hobby comfortably. So it can ensure that your dog is enjoying the kayaking as much as you.

Kayak Modifying For Dogs

You need to modify your kayak according to your dog’s choice. Many big dogs love to be in the water with kayaking for long hours of time. So need to manage your kayak according to your lovely companion.

If your dog is quite big, he may easily capsize a less stable kayak. If the kayak is almost perfect according to your point of view, then try to re-enter or re-settle your agitated dog. But still, he does not want to settle here then try to find out the problem from the kayak or your instruction policy and change it immediately.

On the other hand, some paddlers think to adopt a dog for the company. Thus, he/she wouldn’t need any modification. But this is totally a wrong perception.

In such situations, kayak modification depends on you as well as on the dog. Let me clear this situation with the following two questions;

  1. What type of kayaking you would like to have?
  2. And for that type of kayaking how your pet dog feel comfortable?

Let’s simplify this;

Suppose you want a kayak fishing tour with your dog. Then you have you do kayak modification for fishing. And including this modification, you have prepared the watercraft as your dog feels comfortable in the kayak.

Or, you are planning for a long kayak trip. It may include kayak camping. For this intent, the kayak modifications should ensure comfort, space, and other engagement opportunities. Otherwise, kayaking with a dog may step in vain.

Kayak Fishing With Dogs: A Simple Brief

Kayak fishing with dogs is a holy adventure. Probably you this as the best weekend activity. But make sure, your dog is ready.

An essential training skill for your dog is to teach new smells, wildlife, and other paddlers. If your dog sees a bird fly or a fish jump from the water or water shore area, then your dog may get excited and want to touch the fish. Then command your dog to leave it. Because it may create an accident to your dog. So firmly make him sit or lie down.

On the other hand, train the dog as he/she remains away from the hooks, bait, and food also. You should prepare yourself and the dog by having several preliminary sessions. And you should also keep the necessary kayaking things in the right place.

Your dog may feel uncomfortable in some situations. And feels hesitant about your company in some conditions. When you are in a dangerous kayaking time especially on rapid open-ocean fishing. Because your dog may get overexcited then.

So be vigilant about this and care about your loving pet. Slow rivers like White river kayaking is very effective in this case. Stay away from the fisherman and their boat can a useful technique on this side.


Kayaking gear for dogs: A Dogs kayaking booster  

PFD (Personal Floating Device): Your dogs are also like humans. So it is not important whether your dog can swim or not. Tragedies may happen at any time and anywhere. So make sure that your dogs have PFD in your kayaking time.

Collar and Harness: Your dog can enjoy his time very easily when he has a harness with him. This is a tricky way that may become very useful for your dog in tough conditions.

Leash: When you teach or train your dog on land, then the leash is very important in that situation. Of course, you never tie your dog with the boat. You should keep a very close eye on him. But if suddenly the kayak flips and you are unable to untie your dog quickly in that situation, it may become a disastrous consequence. So a leash is important.

Sunscreen protection: Dogs are also very susceptible to sunburn. Though they are being covered by fur, their nose bellies are exposed areas and these have chances to burn easily especially when the sun rays reflect on the water. So use sunscreen burner lotion, sunblock talcum powder, or spray for your dear pet. There are so many pet sunblocks are available in the market.

Food water and bowls: When you are planning to go for long hours of time with your dog in water, then keep some fresh mineral drinking water for you and your dog and some dry and fresh food which are very essential for both of you and your doggy.

Toys and bed For Dogs: Keep some toys for playing with your dog and a temporary bed. These are necessary for the relaxation of your dog.

First aid kits: Some antiseptic, mosquito repellent, and urgent first kits are also very necessary to keep with you for both you and your dog.

Towel: Also keep a towel to use when your dog gets drenched.

Life jacket For Dogs: The most important rescue material for your dog is a life jacket. It is most important because without it. Your kayaking may become a tragedy. So a flotation device especially the life jacket is an emergency device. If your dog is playful, then chose that life jacket that has no dangling straps or buckles and is simply adjustable with its body.

Select that life jacket that is not heavy in weight and having high-quality foam and offers your dog a natural swimming position to minimize fatigue. If your dog is very tiny with your kayaking, choose that life jacket which had neat under chin front on its head which may offer your dog to float its head even under the rough conditions. You also should pay attention to your budget. But it not means that you should not pay attention to the safety tips of your doggy.

Some turf or multi-purpose life jacket with mid-raged prices are with converter remover on flotation, with easy control or extraction, and having secure leash connections with transverse handle. You may select red, gray as the color for your dog’s life jacket.

External adjustment straps are necessary for harness in tough conditions. Manufacturers suggest that you should purchase a life protective jacket for your dog according to his/ her age, weight, neck, girth, etc. Then the life jacket of your doggy will be perfect for him.

Kayaking with your pet dog can be a very relaxing and enjoyable activity. Your dog may get over excited when he will go to be learning a new thing. But you obviously should not go without preparation. Because without careful planning you may find yourself in lots of chaos and irritation.


For better kayaking with a dog, choose reasonable as well as versatile kayaks and accessories. Concerning the budget make sure that both can enjoy the dog’s kayaking. If needed make the perfect kayak modification. And turn the watercraft into a dog-friendly kayak.

Last tips for a better dogs kayaking

Do not overlap your dog’s learning. Remember that, your dog may not be perfect in whole kayaking training in a day and immediately on command or cannot perform the whole learned things appropriately in a day. Dogs are a little prone to nervousness when they are learning kayaking training. So you need not be worried or upset anymore. The whole kayaking journey of your dog and you will be very enjoyable.