The 7 Best Kayaking Destinations In The Orcas Island

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If you want to explore one of the most beautiful and scenic locations in Washington, Orcas Island kayaking is for you. This unique, large, and irregularly-shaped island is an ideal place to try saltwater kayaking. You’ll find a variety of kayaking spots on Orcas, including some of the most picturesque coves. You can also rent a kayak from an outfitter and head to a different location on the island.

Whether you’re looking for a tranquil cove or a challenging adventure, Orcas Island has it all! There are more than 125 miles of shoreline for kayaking and numerous uninhabited state park islands. Among the best destinations for kayaking in Orcas are Sucia Island and Matia and Patos Islands. Moreover, Sucia is the home of a large dinosaur fossil, which may become the Washington State Dinosaur.

For the most scenic views, head towards Moran State Park. If you’re kayaking in the inner of the island, you can head toward East Sound and West Sound. If you’re interested in a quieter location, try Deer Harbor or Ships Bay. You can also rent a kayak in the village, where you can stay as well as kayak at the night.

Top 7 Kayaking Destinations in the Orcas Island

Orcas is an excellent place to go kayaking. The West Sound and East Sounds are both saltwater, so you can see orcas and other marine life. Other places to launch a kayak include Ships Bay and Deer Harbor. If you’d prefer an inside area, you may want to visit Orcas Village, where you’ll have a chance to see wildlife. It’s also a safe place to enjoy the view from a boat.

While exploring the inner of the island, the coast and surrounding islands are popular destinations. West Sounds and East Sounds are great kayaking areas, and Moran Park has many hiking and biking trails that can be perfect for kids. However, kayaking in the bay area is more challenging, but it’s still fun and safe. During the summer months, the island’s busy culture subsides, and the secluded island becomes a refuge for those looking for a quieter atmosphere. While March is usually windy and wet, there are plenty of opportunities to view whales, and the weather is often ideal for kayaking.

The best places to kayak on Orcas Island start in Obstructions Pass State Park. From there, you can explore the surrounding coves and reach Deer Point and Doe Bay, two lakes perfect for canoeing. The island is filled with kayaking opportunities that can be enjoyed in any weather or season.

Let’s have a look at the top 7 best kayaking in the Orcas Island;

Obstruction Pass State Park

Kayaking in the Obstruction Pass State Park is a great way to get out on the water and enjoy Orcas Island. You’ll find kayaks for rent at the park’s concession stand, and guides will lead you through the park’s many secluded coves. There are also guided tours available that take you through hidden beaches, lagoons, estuaries, and wildlife sanctuaries. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities for photography along the way!

Obstruction Pass State Park is located on the northwestern shore of Orcas Island. The park contains 9,750 acres of forested land, mountain peaks, waterfalls, and shorelines where visitors may hike along the shorelines or kayak the placid waters. Kayaking in Obstruction Pass is a great way to experience the idyllic outdoors that many people dream about when they think about Orcas Island.

There are many areas on Orcas Island perfect for kayaking, but Obstructions Pass is by far the most popular destination for kayakers. Located in West Sound, Obstructions Pass offers beautiful views of the Olympic Mountains and the San Juan Islands beyond. The water here is shallow and full of marine life that provides an exciting and picturesque landscape for kayakers to enjoy.

Kayakers can often find themselves in the midst of tour groups and sometimes even fishing boat traffic as they go through the narrow channel created by jagged rocks. The experience is one of isolation and natural beauty.

The Moran State Park

Kayaking is a great way to explore the secluded shores of Moran State Park, which occupies over 13,000 acres of uninhabited forest on Orcas Island. The park is teeming with wildlife, and its waters are filled with endangered salmon. And the park offers many different kayaking trips for beginners and advanced kayakers alike.

Launching from the Moran State Park Boat Launch just five miles outside of Eastsound, kayakers can enjoy views of Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier as they paddle through the numerous inlets and small coves that make up this part of Puget Sound.

However, after exploring the park and seeing all of the beautiful scenery and wildlife, kayaking will become a must-do activity for anyone visiting Orcas Island. Kayakers can explore three different routes throughout the park that are not too challenging but provide breathtaking views.

Olga State Park

Olga State Park is one of the most popular destinations on Orcas Island for outdoor enthusiasts. It is only minutes away from the ferry terminal and offers kayaking, hiking, biking, picnicking, fishing, and camping. The park’s main attraction is its high density of waterfalls which are accessible by trails. Kayaking in Olga State Park is not restricted to flatwater paddling on Lake Union or Puget Sound.

There are many beautiful, untouched beaches that you can only get to via kayaking that has been referred to as “hidden gems” by locals.

The East Sound

The East Sound is a portion of the Puget Sound in the state of Washington. It is a rich biological marine environment that hosts a variety of different species, including a number that inhabits a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding temperate rainforest. Kayaking in this area provides one with a glimpse into some of the most untouched marine environments in not only Washington but all of North America.

Kayaking the East Sound is a delightful, affordable, and adventurous way to experience Orcas Island. The East Sound is an expansive stretch of land that runs parallel with the Pacific Ocean for over five miles. It’s home to various natural wonders like serene shores, abundant wildlife, and stunning cliffs. Kayaking this area allows you to see first-hand all of the sights that make this place so special.

It’s easy to hop into one of the large kayaks, strap on your life jacket, and get paddling. You can choose from different types of tours like sightseeing, wildlife viewing, birdwatching, etc. Whatever makes you happy!

Eastsound Library Park

The Eastsound Library Park is a scenic refuge for kayakers on Orcas Island. Kayak rental is available at the library, with kayaks also available for purchase. Kayaking in Eastsound Library Park provides ample opportunities for exploring the more remote areas of the island. Coastal views are essential while kayaking in Eastsound Library Park, with seals often making their homes just feet from the shores.

Eastsound Library Park is home to calm waterways with easy access for kayakers. The park offers two docks to launch from, water views of the surrounding islands, and even a small beach to land on. Kayak rentals are available at many outdoor recreation shops in the area.

Cascade Lake Kayaking In Orcas Island

Cascade Lake is a favorite spot for kayaking on Orcas island. The lake consists of two different areas, one that is calm and another that is more difficult. The lake offers some challenging spots for kayakers, but they are sure to have an adventurous experience with plenty of views of nature around them.

Beginners will want to start paddling on the calm side, while more experienced pros might want to take their chances on the other side. Overall, the Cascade Lake on Orcas Island is a great place to get out and kayak for an adventure.

West Sound Kayaking In The Orcas Island

The West Sound on Orcas Island is home to some of the best kayaking opportunities in Washington State. And the West Sound is home to some of the best kayaking opportunities in Washington State.

You can explore the West Sound, which is filled with beautiful rock formations. You can also go to the east side of Orcas Island to see the harbor seals, which are often attracted to humans. The small island is surrounded by a number of small islands, and it’s difficult to find the center of the world on this tiny, isolated island.

Beach Kayaking In The Orcas Island

The beaches of Orcas Island are ideal for beginners. The water around these islands is generally calm and shallow, making them ideal for kayaking, especially for those with no experience. In addition to kayaking, there are hiking opportunities and camping facilities on the island. The Obstruction Pass campground has three buoys and campsites for double kayakers. You can also rent a sea kayak on Orcas Island.

Orcas Island Kayak Fishing Opportunities

The Orcas Island has a great variety of kayak fishing opportunities, including a number of state parks. You can paddle to uninhabited islands, like Sucia and Matia Islands, and enjoy the island’s stunning scenery. You can also see a dinosaur fossil, which may even become the official Washington State Dino. It is worth visiting these spots in all seasons. They are worth the trip. You will love the scenery on Orcas.

In addition to the beaches, you can also hike on the rugged mountains and visit wineries and breweries. The most popular area for kayak fishing is in the village of Orcas. The town is also safe, and the main town is a great place to stay overnight. Aside from the beaches, you’ll find several other types of wildlife.

Where to Launch a Kayak in Orcas Island, Washington

When visiting Orcas Island, you’ll find a kayak launch just a short distance from the island’s center. You can kayak or rent a kayak to explore the area’s beautiful scenery. Whale-watching tours are popular in the spring and summer months, and there are also day-access parks on nearby islands. Whether you’re on a budget or are an experienced paddler, you’ll love Orcas.

The best places to launch your kayak are public beach access points, such as the west beach in Orcas Village and the inside Saltwater Sounds. Other kayaking spots include Deer Harbor, Ships Bay, and Moran State Park. If you’re in town, you can rent a kayak at the Orcas Island boat launch or ferry your kayak onto the island. While the public beach access points are convenient, there are also several private beach launches on Orcas Island.

You can also find a kayak launch in Orcas island, which is a good place to launch a kayak. The village is located on the eastern side of Orcas Island, near the ferry lanes. While the town is generally calm, it can be a dangerous place to paddle a kayak. For this reason, it’s best to rent a kayak and explore the island on your own. You can also rent a boat or kayak from a rental company to explore the area.

Where to Kayak on the Orcas Island?

There are plenty of kayaking spots on the island, which is unusually shaped and large. The best locations for kayaking start in Obstructions Pass State Park and continue through several coves to Deer Point. You can also paddle up the east coast of the island, past the village of Orcas, to the secluded Doe Bay. Once you’ve reached the eastern coast of the island, you can paddle back down to Obstructions Pass State Park and try your luck at the rocky coastline.
For a quieter experience, you can paddle at the southern part of the island, near the state park on Orcas. You can kayak at Pebble Beach, which is made of multi-colored pebbles unique to Orcas. You can also explore the 80 acres of this park, which includes the stunning Reef Islands. The best place for a day trip is anywhere along the east or southern coast. The west coast of the island is famous for its beaches.

How long is Orcas Island?

The Orcas Island, located on the Puget Sound of Washington State, is close to 45 square miles in size and is roughly 20 miles long. The land was created by volcanic activity on the continental plate that collided with the oceanic plate during its creation.
It is a part of San Juan County and has a population of over 3,000 people. The island was first inhabited by the Coast Salish Native Americans for many generations before European settlers came to the area during the 1850s. The island has had an interesting history with timber harvesting and logging, leading to several lumber mills on the island.

In conclusion, Orcas island kayaking is the best way to explore the beautiful coast in Washington. You can see fish, trees, birds, and other wildlife. The only downside to kayaking is you have to be careful of tides, so please take care not to get caught up in them!