Top 7 Kayak Rentals Near Fort DeSoto, Florida

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Kayaking is a great way to explore the Fort DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge. And there are several kayak rentals near Fort DeSoto, perfect for exploring its waterways. Each company has different prices and types of kayaks for rent, so be sure to ask about what’s available before you make your decision!

Fort DeSoto offers kayaking rentals for both novice and experienced paddlers. Kayaks are available for hourly or half-day rentals, and each rental includes a paddle and lifejackets. The park is located on the St. Johns River just south of Jacksonville, Florida, and offers stunning views of the river and nearby oak-hickory forests.

Fort DeSoto Kayak Rentals

Reviewing Top 7 Kayak Rentals Near Fort DeSoto

Fort DeSoto is a great place to kayak because the water is so clear and there are many different kayaks to choose from. There are plenty of rental companies in the area, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. Let’s have a look at the top 7 kayak rentals near Fort DeSoto;

Topwater Kayak Outpost

Topwater Kayak Outpost at Fort De Soto is a unique place to rent a kayak or canoe. Paddlers can rent a kayak for an hour or a full day. The 2.25-mile paddling trail is also accessible by boat. Rates range from $23 for an hour to $55 for a full day. There are also two fishing piers and boat ramps available.

The facility is open seven days a week and offers plenty of amenities.

Besides, they also offer grills, sanitary disposal stations, and a store. The facility also has spaces for tents and trailers.

It is a popular spot to kayak during the cooler months. It’s best to plan your trip a couple of weeks in advance to avoid crowds. The outpost is open daily from 7 am to dusk.

The main park area of Fort De Soto includes five interconnected islands, including Bonne Fortune and St. Jean Key. These are joined by the third-largest key, Mullet Key. Paddlers can also paddle under the bridge and round the point of Madelaine Key. The area is home to numerous birds. Pelicans have even built their nests on boat docks and pilings under the bridge.

During the warmer months, the park offers several kayaking options. Besides, there are some good kayak and canoe rentals available at the park. The park has 7-mile bike and nature trails, plenty of parking, and a historic fort. Fort DeSoto was built in the year 1898 to protect Tampa Bay during the Spanish-American War.

The Fort was abandoned in 1923 and never saw a battle. It was eventually acquired by Pinellas County and made into a park.

Sweetwater Kayaks

For those who have never rented a kayak, Fort DeSoto is an amazing destination for an outdoor adventure. The town’s trails offer a great combination of history and scenic scenery, with wildlife that is often visible from the water. In fact, kayakers often see dolphins and manatees while paddling along the Fort’s waterfront.

For those who are looking for more adventure, the nearby Parks Services offers eco-tours where you can explore the area in a kayak. There are also single, double, and fishing kayak rentals at Fort DeSoto.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to paddle or a group of friends to bond with, Sweetwater Kayaks is one of the best places to rent a kayak in Fort DeSoto.

You can choose from a variety of kayaking trips, including mangrove tours and trips to Shell Key.

For an extra adventure, try renting a tandem kayak, which allows two people to paddle in a single boat.

If you’re planning a family vacation, you can spend the day paddling around Weedon Island, a protected nature preserve. Kayaks are great for children and can be used for learning to paddle in a safe environment. This Fort DeSoto kayak rental company also offers guided trips and lessons. Located in Fort DeSoto’s Weedon Island Preserve, Sweetwater Kayaks is one of the top 5 kayak rental companies in Fort DeSoto.

Another great option for renting a kayak is DeSoto State Park, which features a 375-acre lake and 42 campsites. There’s also Pioneer Campground and Paddle-In Island campsite that sleeps 30 people. Lastly, you can visit Lake Hope State Park in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. This park is just seven miles from the main park. There are also canoe and paddleboard rentals at DeSoto Falls Picnic Area.

Egmont Key Adventures

For a relaxing day of paddling on clear blue water, kayak rentals at Egmont Key Adventures in the Florida Panhandle are the perfect way to enjoy the island. A short ride will take you to Egmont Key State Park.

This protected island is home to a variety of wildlife, including dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles. In addition to the crystal-clear water, the park is also known for its bird sanctuaries, where you can observe nesting birds in an undisturbed rookery.

For more adventure, you can paddle in the mangrove forests, tide pools, and five different keys.

There are also bike trails and national-ranked beaches, and remnants of an old fort. The water around Fort DeSoto is shallow and not suitable for beginners, but for experienced paddlers, the area is ideal.

The only problem is limited shade, so be prepared to take a few precautions.

To avoid the risk of injury, consider a kayak cart that makes transporting and landing easier. Be careful crossing the shipping channel, as large ships do not stop and push huge wakes. If possible, wait until the water is calm and cross the channel at a perpendicular angle. Be sure to make a quick stop at the other side. If possible, use a 14-foot kayak to prevent a bumpy ride.

Located southwest of Fort DeSoto, Egmont Key State Park is the perfect place for a relaxing day of paddling. You’ll find large gopher tortoises here, and the island has historical significance. Fort Dade, a fortification built in the late 1890s to protect the city from the Spanish-American War, has a history of its own.

It was also used as a prison for Seminoles during the Third Seminole War and as a strategic fortification during the Spanish-American War. In 1898, it was occupied by the United States as a threat to the port. The island was used for military purposes, and it was an active fort until 1923.

Wheel Fun Rentals

For your kayak rental in Fort DeSoto, you’ll want to try a place like Wheel Fun Rentals. This Fort DeSoto kayak rental company is located in Fred Howard Park, a 155-acre nature park fronting the Gulf of Mexico. It is a wonderful spot to paddle, with the nearby Gulf of Mexico providing an excellent backdrop for the adventure.

You’ll also be sure to see some rare and endangered species, which makes Fred Howard Park one of Pinellas County’s best-kept secrets.

Nearby Fred Howard Park is easily accessible. Take FL-60 W into Clearwater.

From there, take Tampa Rd to Sunset Dr. The Hillsborough River is one of the best places to go kayaking in Tampa.

It features Class II rapids, as well as flat stretches of water for paddling.

The water here is so green and beautiful that paddlers often stop and take pictures of their reflections in the water.

Paddle on the water while watching the sunset. You can also try to stand up paddleboarding, which can be done on the water. Sunset Beach is another popular paddle spot. You can practice SUP yoga on the water at Fred Howard Park. You can also check out Tarpon Springs, a great day trip destination from Orlando or Tampa. There are many boutique shops and delicious restaurants. Tarpon Springs is also known as the “Sponge Capital of the World,” with stunning beaches hugging the Gulf of Mexico.

Fred Howard Park Kayak Rentals in FortDeSoto provide a great way to explore this beautiful park in Pinellas County. The park’s mangrove maze and 155 acres of pristine nature are home to endangered species. It’s also one of the best-kept secrets in Pinellas County. You can explore the mangrove forests and the gulf coast with kayak rentals in Fort DeSoto.

Island Kayak Adventures

Island Kayak Adventures offers kayak rental at Fort DeSoto. Visitors can explore the St. John’s River and its tributaries on kayaks provided by the company. The kayaks are rented for a maximum of four hours, and hour-long rentals cost $10 per person.

If you love to paddle around the Gulf of Mexico, you may want to check out Island Kayak Adventures if you’re planning a vacation or kayaking trip to Florida.

The island offers several recreational activities, including kayaking, and is home to five keys!

These islands were used by the Civil War to blockade Tampa Bay but were abandoned afterward.

Visitors can explore the islands and their historic homes by renting kayaks or canoes.

Kayak and canoe rentals can be a fun way to see the wildlife while exploring Fort De Soto. You can catch several types of fish, and there is also a gift shop where you can pick up souvenirs and find out more information about the area.

Paddlers can also explore the park’s five main keys. These keys include Bonne Fortune Key, St. Jean Key, Madeleine Key, St. Christopher Key, and Mullet Key. Paddlers can paddle along the east side of Madelaine Key, under the bridge, and around its round tip. The east side of the island is also home to numerous bird species, including pelicans that live on the pilings underneath the bridge.

North Beach is the highlight of Fort De Soto. It features nearly three miles of white sand beaches, a tidal pool, and a pirate ship playground. Several picnic areas and restrooms are available. The North Beach Swim Center has two large swimming centers. One is near the Fort De Soto Swimming Center and has a food concession area. With so many activities to choose from, Fort De Soto Kayak Rentals – North Beach is a great place to spend a day or two.

Jack’s Paddle Sports

If you’re looking for a great place to rent kayaks, Jack’s Paddle Sports is the place to go. This preserve is home to the Mosaic Center for Nature, which offers guided tours and nature-themed activities for visitors. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or an adrenaline-filled adventure, Jack’s Paddle Sports has it all.

You’ll be able to rent kayaks at Robinson Preserve, which is surrounded by beautiful mangroves, marsh, and coastal saltern habitats.

This area is home to some of the region’s most beautiful wildlife, including white pelicans, least terns, and wood storks.

And you’ll be able to watch them from a safe distance.

You can easily reach it by car, as the road is close by. You can also drive to Robinson Preserve via US-19 S, and FL-64 W. This park is one of the top 7 kayak rentals in Fort DeSoto. Whether you’re on a mission to find the best kayak rental in Fort DeSoto, you’re sure to have a great time!

Besides, nearby Robinson Preserve is also home to a swimming pool, pavilion picnic areas, and multiple fishing piers. There are also 6 miles of trails where you can hike and explore the mangroves and lakes. The park is open every day but on holidays.

You’ll be able to enjoy the park with a kayak while learning about the history of Florida. You’ll be able to see a great view of Tampa Bay, and the Fort De Soto National Memorial is only minutes away.

Canoe Escape

Canoe Escape is a local outfit that runs kayaks and canoes on the Hillsborough River. Customers can rent one for an hour or an entire day. Hourly rentals are available for those who want to paddle the river without spending a lot of money. Alternatively, you can arrange a private tour for an even greater amount of privacy. For further information, visit the website.

Fort DeSoto Park is a popular destination for kayakers and those who need to rent equipment. This park is located off State Hwy 679 towards the Pinellas Bayway. Park guides are available to help you complete paperwork and provide information about the trails. You can also take a ferry to Caladesi Island, which is just a mile long, and explore the nature of the area by kayak.

If you prefer to go on a tour with a local guide, you can check out Canoe Escape kayak rentals in Fort DeSoto. Its cypress swamps and manatees are the perfect scenery for kayakers to explore. Moreover, the outfitter offers hourly rentals for those who prefer self-guided tours. In addition to kayak rentals, Canoe Escape also offers guided tours on the river.

Canoe Escape Kayak Rentals in Florida’s sunny state provide you with all the essential equipment you need for a great trip on the water. A professional will help you find the best kayak rental company and guide you throughout the process. The location of the company is central to Fort DeSoto Park. You can find several stores offering canoes and kayaks. They also fit temporary roof racks to your vehicle and take you safely to the park.

Fort DeSoto Kayak Launch

The Fort Desoto kayak launch offers paddlers a secluded and peaceful place to launch their kayaks. Located on the St. Johns River, just downstream from the mouth of the Dixie Chicks Creek, this launch provides easy access to the river for all skill levels.

There are many places where you can launch your kayaks, but some of the best spots include the Indian Mound Park and the Fort Desoto State Park. Both parks have beautiful beaches that offer stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico.  

On the other hand, kayakers can launch at the mouth of Little Cedar Key Harbor, the eastern end of Cedar Key Lagoon, and at a number of other locations around the Fort. The Fort also has a sandy beach that is perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Fort DeSoto Kayaking Map

Fort Desoto, located in St. Petersburg, is one of the most popular kayaking destinations in the Tampa Bay Area. The Fort offers stunning views of the bay and is perfect for a peaceful paddle. There are several kayaking routes that you can take around the Fort, so it’s perfect for a leisurely day out on the water.

With 300 miles of coastline, there are plenty of kayaking opportunities in the Gulf Coast region. Fort Desoto National Historic Site offers kayakers a unique experience by offering a kayak tour along the coast. Kayakers can explore the Fort and learn about its history while kayaking.

The Fort Desoto kayaking map was created by a team of kayaking enthusiasts in order to help paddlers plan their adventure around the Fort. The map includes detailed information about the surrounding waterways and is updated regularly with the latest paddling conditions.

Can You Kayak Fish At Fort DeSoto?

Fort DeSoto is a great place to kayak fish. And the Fort DeSoto State Park is good for fishing and kayaking adventures. Kayaks are perfect for exploring the mangroves and weedy shorelines of the park. The shallow water and soft banks make it easy to maneuver around the various obstacles in the water, including rocks, roots, and other submerged objects.

The park is also home to a variety of fish, including redfish, flounder, tarpon, and snook. And kayakers can find plenty of basses, bluegill, catfish, and other fish in the water.

The Fort DeSoto Wildlife Area offers excellent kayaking conditions for all skill levels. Kayakers can stop at several overlooks to view wildlife or admire the beautiful waterfalls.

Are There Manatees In Fort DeSoto?

This question has been on the minds of many for years but has yet to be answered with certainty. The Fort De Soto National Wildlife Refuge is a large area that could potentially house manatees, but there have been no confirmed sightings of these aquatic mammals. Some people think that manatees may live in the refuge because of its warm waters and plentiful vegetation, while others are convinced that they don’t live there at all.

However, the manatees’ population at Fort DeSoto is currently unknown, as the manatees have not been seen in the area for years. The last confirmed sighting of a manatee in Fort De Soto was in 2010. Scientists are unsure what happened to the manatees and whether they migrated or were killed off.

Lastly, If you’re looking for a way to get some exercise and explore the waterways near South-West Florida, you can consider kayak rentals near Fort DeSoto. And if you’re looking for a kayaking adventure near Fort DeSoto, be sure to check out one of the top rental companies listed here.